Final Fight (Old Review)

Beat ’em ups are probably a fun way of getting a friend and smashing skulls of enemies, while Konami gets gold for making the best ones out there, Capcom can do Beat ’em ups too and one of their well-known ones belongs to Final Fight (ファイナルファイト?), developed and published by Capcom and was released on December 1989.

Mike Haggar from Saturday Night Slammasters is now mayor of Metro City, Mike gets a call telling him that Jessica, Mike’s daughter, has been kidnapped by all the criminals of the city, so he calls Cody and Guy to help out, so where’s the police force…probably had Ferris Bueller Day Off.

Don’t worry, I’m playing the arcade version and not the disgraceful port of the SNES, where they replaced Poison with generic male punks because Nintendo thought it was wrong to hit women, Nintendo made some edits to many games to be kid friendly, but Sega weren’t having any of that, I think Nintendo later realised that gaming was changing and thanks to age ratings, Nintendo would no longer need to edit games…sorry, you didn’t have to read this… even then, Nintendo can’t delete blogs reviewing Nintendo games…then again it’s only a matter of time.

Other changes include cutscenes being cut from the game, removing Guy, removing a level and worst of all, removing 2-player, this was easily the most disastrous port of a great Beat ’em up. You can either play as Haggar, Cody or Guy, for some reason in the SNES port, Guy is not included but they did make a version for the console with Guy included but it was only for rental purposes only and was never released in PAL form.

The gameplay is like most beat ’em ups, you punch and kick and maybe a special move or two to get to the next area, whilst this is repetitive at best it’s replay value is indeed very high, with three characters to try out, if you want Haggar with big attacks but slow movement, he’s your man, but others like Cody and Guy you might want faster attacks and faster movement, it’s all about what character do you want saving Jessica. The attacks are varied depending on the character chosen, like wrestling moves for Haggar, Karate for Guy and Street Brawling for Cody, again this increases replay value. As for many arcade games it has its challenges, especially with bosses, follow their patterns and you win. You also get weapons to attack enemies with, there’s nothing more manly than Haggar cracking skulls with a pipe.

The graphics are absolute bliss, it’s very timeless, the city has its suitable atmosphere for the game, it can be grim, slum like or clean and full of high spirits. I also noticed some good details on the sprites, like Haggar’s movement, it’s smooth and it makes him more three-dimensional. The minor enemies are generic punks apart from Poison, the girl…or supposed man fighter, and bigger enemies like Andre. I did have some issues from an enemy called J, not because of what he looks like, but when I beat the game on the Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1, there is a character bios, and there was J, and I found out that he’s Autistic…WHAT?!?!?!? I’ve been beating up Autistic people, Oh my Goodness; I can’t play this game the same way again. But I digress, you also have a two-player mode and you need a friend to play this with you if you want more fun out of this.

Did you know? The game began development as a sequel to the first Street Fighter game, but the genre was swapped from fighting to a beat ’em up and the title changed as well, these changes were made because of the success of Double Dragon. The Final Fight development team later worked on Street Fighter II and even some of the characters from Final Fight later appeared as playable fighters in other games in the Street Fighter franchise such as the Street Fighter Alpha sub-series.

Overall, it was fun back then and it’s still fun today, even if you play it on your own, get rid of your anger by playing some manly games to defeat your enemies anyway you can, just don’t hit J too hard. The game is still a lot of fun and while it doesn’t do anything new, it’s the characters and gameplay that keeps you coming back for more.

You can get it on the Arcade, Capcom Power System Changer, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, PlayStation 2, Mega-CD, ZX Spectrum, Super NES, Sharp X68000, Xbox, XBLA, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Network, Virtual Console and iOS.



4 thoughts on “Final Fight (Old Review)

  1. This is still my favorite beat ’em up, partly out of nostalgia, and partly because of the pure chaos of often having half a dozen enemies on screen at once. Console beat ’em ups never could compare to this game, including the Super NES port and sequels.

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