Top 15 Nintendo 64 Games I Want to Get

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I going to change the name from “Play” to “Get” and this will be implemented for future lists. Since I’m a game collector I also will talk about the prices as well as why I want it and play the games, though the prices are based on when I uploaded the lists.

Next, Nintendo 64, a console that still used cartridges for their consoles while everyone else used discs, I wonder why it couldn’t live up to the PlayStation. Though Nintendo were supposed to release a CD add-on for the SNES with Sony, but because Sony would take control over the SNES-CD disc format so they separated and made a deal with Philips, meaning that some of their characters could be used on their console at the time, The CDi…and we know how that ended. Well, Sony continued to develop the CD machine…AND THE PLAYSTATION HAPPENED!!! Whoops!

Released in 1996, this is Nintendo’s first 3D gaming console, but again still used cartridges, which is why they didn’t have a lot of third-party support and thus didn’t have a whole lot of games like the PlayStation.

The console is black but you could get different colours, but it’s design is pretty cool and memorable which is why many people remember it, the controllers are…weird, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever used, but play a few games and you’ll soon get used to it. The cartridges are thick and have some weight to it, but the cover work on some are good but some have dated like the Super Mario 64 cover on the cartridge.

Overall, I really like the console, it has some brilliant games that use the controller well, the design of the console is cool and I’d recommend it to many gamers, you can find them cheap for about £20 or so, I got mine with a game for £29.99.

Again, there were so much good games that it needs 15 on this list. And if I mention my friend on this list, he has an N64 too and has better games too, we both try to collect N64 games, whilst I just collect any N64 game that I can afford no matter how good or bad the game is, my friend only tries to collect the good N64 games, but nevertheless, we both love our consoles.

15. Paper Mario – I’m not totally wanting to get it considering it looks generic, but it’s Mario, being generic and still being fun is how Mario rolls, the second Mario RPG made another franchise with many games coming after it, Sticker Star according to my friend was one of the most boring experiences in a Mario game…wait, WHAT? Prices go from £60-£160.

14. Yoshi’s Story – Did anyone see that new Yoshi game Yoshi’s Woolly World for the Wii U…IT’S SO FRAAAAAAKING CUTE…I want to play Yoshi’s Story. Whilst it looks easy and short it still has some cutesiness to get you to continue playing it. I tested this game for my friends and I don’t see any problems with it so far but I didn’t go in-depth with it but I look forward to playing my own copy. Prices go from £10.

13. Bomberman 64 – Bomberman is one of my favourites, but put him into a 3D world and you get Bomberman 64, and surprisingly it doesn’t disappoint. I never would have thought that a character like Bomberman would get a 3D adventure game, but this was the 90’s, where everything had to be 3D. Prices go from £10.

12. Mario Golf – So this is Mario’s first golf game, though you can take any sport and slap Mario in it, but the difference is those Mario Sports games are lots of fun, I tried this game that belonged to my friend in which he asked me to test it, we went to the MCM London Comic Con and that’s where he got some N64 games and this was one of them, but if I can get my own copy, I’ll probably have more fun than Everybody’s Golf (sort of, they’re both awesome). Prices go from £11.

11. Lylat Wars – Also known as Star Fox 64, yes, the European name of Star Fox couldn’t yet sort out the copyright issues, but it’s still the same game nonetheless, Star Fox in full 64 bit graphics, if I can find this I’ll be doing a lot of barrel rolling…sorry. I played a bit of it with friend and the multiplayer is stress-inducing, just as a multiplayer mode should. Prices go from £5-£8.

10. Mario Tennis – Another Mario sports game, this time, Mario’s going all Wimbledon up in this joint, oh and Waluigi’s here, I think that’s a bad thing, in fact, this was Waluigi’s introduction, everyone has been in a main game…except for Waluigu…you poor miserable guy. Nevertheless one day I will beat my friend at a game of doubles. Prices go from £15.

9. Banjo-Tooie – I recently got the first game from a second-hand shop boxed with manual for £9.99, I haven’t properly played it but I have seen gameplay for it and it looks fun, hopefully if I beat the game I can get the much harder to find sequel. But HOT DAMN Yooka-Laylee is looking TIGHT DAWG!!! Prices go from £40.

8. Donkey Kong 64 – If Mario gets a 3D game, why not Donkey Kong! it’s a Rare game and it’s going to be fun as usual, then it’s a good thing though that I brought an expansion pak for the N64 so my console can play this wonderful Nintendo game. Once I get this game I will worship the dong…whatever that means. Prices go from £12. But prices go from $9.99 on virtual console (couldn’t find the UK price) so…might as well get the cart.

7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time & The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – I just couldn’t separate these two, I’ve played bits of these games before, one is a proper 3D adventure game with all the Zelda stuff you love but in 3D, Majora’s Mask has the same but Ben drowns apparently, joking aside, I really love the Majora’s Mask story, even if it’s a panic to play it what with the three day limit. Oh my friends has these games, I got them for the Nintendo GameCube. OOT goes from £15 and MM goes from £25-£30.

6. Pokémon Stadium 1 & 2 – So there is a Pokémon game in 3D, not a proper one but somehow a decent one nonetheless, I’m sold! This is the only game my friend has that I never played yet, possibly because I thought it didn’t work but I didn’t have patience. Prices go from £9.99 and the second one goes form £39.99.

5. Super Smash Bros. – This is the first game in the series and no one expected Nintendo to make a game where Nintendo characters knock each other’s socks off. I’ve played them all apart from the first one, but my rules are that I need to play the games in a series in the released order like reviewing Sonic 1, then 2 and then 3, etc. with an exception for Saints Row for reasons I’ll explain later. Prices go from £30-£40

4. Goldeneye 007 – Another game I tried at my friend’s house, and oh boy for anyone who says the game is dated…I don’t particularly care, the game for the most part enables you to get a machine gun and mow down everything in sight and I mean not stopping for anything, and it has the most fun I’ve had playing multiplayer since Call of Duty: Black Ops…what…oh, and the remake on the Wii is pretty good. Prices go from £5-£8.

3. Mario Party 1-3 – I played the third one at my friend’s house, never have I had much fun with a game like this, it’s one of those games that you need to play with other people, it just feels right, Sonic Shuffle tried to copy them and it killed the Dreamcast. But prepare to destroy my hands for the first one. Everything I do I do it for you, and for curiosity. Prices go from £30-£90

2. Diddy Kong Racing – So Diddy Kong gets his own game now and it doesn’t disappoint, it’s like all the kart racing games but with more stuff to do and then there’s the adventure mode which Crash Nitro Kart would use later. I tried this at my friend’s house and I can see how chaotic and fun it is. Prices go from £5-£10.

1. Conker’s Bad Fur Day – It’s rude, it’s crude, it’s barbaric, and Nintendo had the balls to release something like this, it’s Conker with his own game, this Rare game looks to be stupidly funny with hilarious gameplay. AND YET, MICROSOFT, WITH THEIR XBOX, MARKETING TO AN OLDER, BOLDER AND A ‘HELL YEAH’ DEMOGRAPHIC, CENSORED THEIR VERSION, ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS??? Oh and it costs £150 to get the game nowadays. But will I get it first before my friend?


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