Dragon Ball IS BACK!!!


If you haven’t found out but were getting a new Dragon Ball show. Titled Dragon Ball Super (Yeah, the title could have been better), it continues the story after the Majin Buu Saga and GT never happened, to the delight of the fans, I haven’t watched GT but I will out of curiosity when I finish watching the Majin Buu Saga in the Kai version, at this time I’m at the part where Fusioned Goten and Trunks is about to battle Super Buu.

You might have seen my rant about a recent movie from the show not being shown in the cinema, watching this show shouldn’t be too much of a problem since it will be shown online with subtitles as I don’t mind the original Japanese dub, in fact my favourite dubs from Dragon Ball Z are the Kai dub and the Japanese dub, whatever floats my boat.

So, when did I start watching this? Last year, thanks to Kai; and from then on, I instantly loved every minute of the fights and the filler and waiting 3 episodes for a fight to end (yep, those jokes again, sad but kind of true). I love the characters, the stories and the sagas are fantastic, my favourite saga is the Frieza Saga, second is the Cell Games Saga, third is Vegeta Saga and last is Majin Buu Saga, but that doesn’t mean I hate it or dislike it or like it the least, please understand so I don’t get my head sliced by a Destructo Disc.

What would I want from this series? Well I would like some of the characters to take part and win battles instead of just Goku and Vegeta winning all the time because they’re Super Saiyans (and because GT never happened, Super Saiyan 4 never happened either, goodbye strange monkey freak) and they’re the strongest fighters that surpass everyone making them useless in battle.

Also, can we have a villian that could as strong as Goku’s Super Saiyan God and Goku has to at least improvise his moves instead of blasting a kamehameha because that always works. Oh, and one more thing, CAN YOU MAKE CHI-CHI LESS ANNOYING!!! Can we at least see her battle with the Z fighters because I heard in Dragon Ball she kicked arse.

And that’s about it, I look forward to see this in June…NEXT MONTH? Damn, not long now, I wait with baited breath.

Do you have any opinions about DBZ or the DB series in general. Comment down below and I will reply, in fact, let’s have a Q&A about it.


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