A Slenderman not-so-fan fiction

This was a piece of homework my little sister had to send in for English, because she’s lazy or can’t be bovered so I had to make it for her. I’m not a fantasist of the whole Slenderman theory, I just couldn’t think of anything else. Enjoy I guess!

It was a strange night, there seemed to be a chill in the air, there was a little boy who was alone in the dark woods, he knew he shouldn’t have slept too long in the woods; he was afraid but knew he needed to find his own way home.

He started to walk, he felt the frozen leaves crumbling in his feet, it was autumn, and the leaves were on the floor, slowly fading away. The little boy continued on, shivering slightly. He was lucky it wasn’t too cold. He put his hand in his coat pocket and took out a torch; he was glad he had something to give him light. He used it to look around.

Suddenly, he discovered a slightly wet piece of paper stuck on a tree. He picked it up, put his torch on it and saw a drawing of a compass going north, he assumes that this is the way to go, he aimed his torch at the south to observe the environment and out of nowhere there was a tall skinny man walking forward a few feet away, the little boy jumped and aimed at him again but disappeared, this made the little boy more frightened.

He decided to run to avoid what he saw, he was confused and creeped out because he didn’t know who this mysterious person was, he continued to run, he found another piece of paper, he put his torch on and he read ‘SLENDERMAN’S HERE’, maybe that’s who the man was, Slenderman. The little boy ran as fast as he can, it started to get colder by the minute.

Out of nowhere, he started hearing noises not from him, he decided to brave out and confront him, the boy shouted, “SLENDERMAN, SLENDERMAN, SHOW YOURSELF!”, nothing happened, it was silent again apart from the blowing of the wind, he thought he was going mad, he turned around and the Slenderman was standing right in front of him, the had a suit on and no face but was staring directly at him, the little boy screamed before fainting fast.

He woke up in his bedroom, he could recognise the medium sized room of all his belongings. He turned to his left and froze as he saw the Slenderman again, before the boy screamed, the Slenderman pulled his face to reveal…the boy’s father, the boy sat on his bed so puzzled he could only pull a confused face, his father whispered to his son, “Don’t sleep in the woods at night, Stanley”.

He left Stanley’s room, Stanley was relieved to be safe in his warm home and has now learnt his lesson, he decided to open the blinds in his windows and saw a man with no face, Stanley laughed, he knew his father was trying to scare him again, his father asked him from the kitchen if he would like some Tea, Stanley was puzzled and slowly moved his head directly at the man with no face, he murmured, “Are you the Slenderman?

The End

Yeah, don’t get used to this since this is something to read until I finish playing Sonic Adventure.


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