Top 10 Sega Saturn Games I Want to Play

Now we have the Sega Saturn. I went to the London Comic Con 2014, one of the stalls had a Sega Saturn for £45, and it came with two boxed games and a few demo disks.

This was released in 1996 in Europe but was released first in 1994 in Japan and 1995 in the US. Sega still had the Mega Drive on life support with their Sega CD and Sega 32X, so Sega had to pull something special out of the magical hat and they pulled out the Sega Saturn, the next console from Sega, from what I know it was marketed as a console in which you could play the arcade games on your console and then some.

But somehow, it failed, why? Maybe because of its price tag of about £399, the fact that it was too difficult to develop games for it, Sega was already announcing a new console just as the Saturn was around, then there was the PlayStation and that was £299…yeah, it was the PlayStation that dominated the next-gen console market while the Sega Saturn was left to slowly die, in fact it only lasted three years in Europe but I assume it lasted a little bit longer in the US and Japan, but not by much.

The console looks surprisingly dull, I have the model 2 version with the rounded buttons instead of oval, and it’s just a black box with nothing to show for it. But it’s very light and nicely shaped, I just wished it had a different colour, in Japan it’s white and it looks cool. The controller feels a little awkward but you’ll quickly get used to it, it’s like the Mega Drive 6-button controller but with shoulder pads, it’s a little too small in my hands but again you’ll get used to it. Now for graphical differences between this and the PlayStation, I got Manx TT Superbike, it looks like something out of a PlayStation game, then I played Rayman and it looks exactly the same apart from the Saturn having all the audio effects playing during the game.

So overall, was it worth it?, I’d say yes, if you’re a collector of all things games or you like driving games or fighting games or anything arcadey, then I’d recommend it, but for casual gamers, no, because most of the games were released for the PlayStation and it’s much cheaper. I now have an Action Replay Plus so I can play import games, the first one I got was a football game from Japan and a Darkstalkers game from Japan too (though it’s mostly in English).

10. NiGHTS Into Dreams – I played this on a demo, and it’s awkward to play, apparently you need the 3D controller to play it with and get the best experience (the controller being a circle with legs with one analog stick), so if I’m going to play this game I need that controller. So from what I know it’s about 2 children having to save a dream-like world with the help of NiGHTS, a character that confused me as a kid because I didn’t know if it was a man or a woman, to which the creator said it could be anything you want it to be…Japan at it’s finest, I salute you. Prices go from £14.

9. Golden Axe: The Duel – I find the original Golden Axe to be quite dated and I do prefer the sequels, this looks and plays like a Capcom beat ’em up game, I played a bit of this on MAME and its fun, hopefully I can continue to play this on a real console…oh wait, I was talking about Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder which to this day hasn’t got a home console release. Looks I’ll have to continue to play this on MAME. This one is a fighter that nobody remembers but somehow got a home console release, it better be worth it despite it’s obscurity. Prices go from £35.

8. Dragon Ball Z: The Legend – I have to travel to France to find this one. Welp, Dragon Ball is coming back to our screens in July and I look forward to it. I’ll talk about it so stay tuned. It’s of course, a fighting game. What do you expect from Dragon Ball Z, an RPG?…oh wait! Prices go from £25.

7. Panzer Dragoon Saga – I played the first game and I haven’t put that one on the list, why? Well it looks like they’ve changed the style and gameplay, making it fresher for the people who liked the other Panzer Dragoon games…and the fact that it costs a lot of cash money. £200, DAMMIT EBAY!

6. Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island – I hate the Mega Drive port, it was just a mess, but then again it’s so clean it has OCD compared to Sonic 06. Apparently the Sega Saturn port is a lot better, I’ll see to it myself. Prices go from £15.

5. Burning Rangers – So there is a game in which you play as a futuristic firefighter going into burning buildings and putting out the fire by shooting it…logical! This was one of the last games released for the Saturn so of course it’s going to be obscure, it was also a time when Sega was snorting crack and drawing console ideas on the wall…just kidding. Prices go from £65.

4. The House of the Dead – We live in a world now that has zombies everywhere…in media that is, so why not go back to a rail shooting game The House of the Dead, what a fine specimen of a game and no Uwe Boll in sight…oh he didn’t did he? Prices go from £40.

3. Shinobi X – hey guys let’s take all of these game franchises and make them like Mortal Kombat because these graphics are timeless, oh yeah, timeless as the spice girls but this is just out of curiosity. Prices go from £70-£80.

2. Sonic Jam – This is just a compilation of Sonic games from the Mega Drive, then there is Sonic’s 3D world, just walk around and do nothing, this is the closest Saturn was going to get to a 3D Sonic adventure, well there was Super Sonic Extreme Galaxy. Prices go from £15.

1. Sega Ages Vol.1 – You get three classic Sega Arcade games in one disc, I’ve played a few of these before and they’re so much fun to play, in fact, one of them I’ve reviewed already ( Can’t I just have a compilation disc from Sega with ALL their arcade games…and SegaSonic the Hedgehog, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE. Prices go from £12.

I just noticed that a lot of these games I want to play are stupidly pricey, it’s like the Sega Mega-CD, hard to find cheap games.


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