Top 10 Nintendo Game Boy Games I Want to Play

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Next is the much loved Game Boy, although I don’t have a Game Boy, I have a Game Boy Advance and I can play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on it so it counts as me owning a Game Boy.

So Nintendo started out with Game & Watch and it was a success, LED portable hardware at it’s finest for the time, it was created by Gunpei Yokoi after he found a man playing with his calculator. In 1989, the new handheld device was born, The Game Boy. When it hit stores bundled with Tetris, it became a monster hit, it was like an NES on a handheld device, it was monochrome (black & white…or was it green?), but we didn’t care it was a success.

But then Sega made the Game Gear and Atari had the Lynx, their marketing ploys bullied the Game Boy, how it’s just a boring piece of tech, how it’s slow as a retarded fat kid (I’m not joking that was one of their adverts, even Nintendo thought that was horrible), with the Game Gear and the Lynx, you can play coloured games with better graphics. This backfired considering that both consoles needed a ton of batteries and they didn’t last long, it had a small amount of games compared to the Game Boy and they were expensive. So the Game Boy won over the Game Gear and Lynx, just because your console is better than the popular one, doesn’t mean you’re one is going to be successful.

As I can’t review the console as I have a Game Boy Advance, but it will play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, I’ll just go on ahead and start the top 10. By the way, Game Boy/Game Boy Color Hybrids don’t count. Wave Race was number one but I already have it.

10. The Mega Man Games – Yeah, I know I cheat a lot on these lists but it’s my list and I don’t care, I love me some Mega Man, it’s very tough and it knows it. Seeing some reviews of it it keeps the spirit of the originals even with a small monochrome screen, because of the limitations there are only four robots to beat instead of eight but it doesn’t matter, you’re probably more likely to beat it. Prices go from £9.99 to about £50. WHAT?

9. Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 – This is Wario in his first playable debut after his very first appearance in Super Mario Land 2, but unlike Mario, Wario’s motivation is greed, yep, your hero is one of the most selfish characters Nitnendo ever made, something that was unusual for Nintendo to do, ‘Be the Bad Guy’ was the slogan. I haven’t I wonder why Waluigi, the only character who hasn’t been main game hasn’t had his own game. Who knows? Prices go from £6.99, not so bad of a price.

8. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins – I’ve played Super Mario Land and IT IS GLORIOUS! This sequel is like a Game Boy version of Super Mario World…and IT LOOKS GLORIOUS, and it looks like there’s more to do, more worlds to explore, more challenges to face, already this looks like it’s surpassed the first game by miles. Oh, and Wario makes an appearance. Prices go from £4.

7. Donkey Kong – This is a different Donkey Kong, where you start as the original only to become something completely different. It looks like the fun puzzle game I played in Mario VS Donkey Kong, in fact, I think it took inspiration from Donkey Kong, time to find out what I missed in the original. Prices go from £8.

6. Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge – I didn’t like The Castlevania Adventure, it just didn’t feel right for some reason, but the sequel is much much better (I played it on an emulator but not as authentic as the real thing) this is how you do a handheld Castlevania, it has the same atmosphere, same gameplay and same challenge as the NES games, can’t wait to try it out on an actual Game Boy…Advance. Prices are uncertain since one sells for £120, but the Japanese version sells for £14.99.

5. Kirby’s Dream Land – You know Nintendo, if you released Kirby’s 20th Anniversary Collection in Europe, this might not have been on the list, but somehow we missed out even though we were supposed to get it…so why didn’t we get it? I digress, this is the first Kirby game and it’s basic, you can swallow enemies but can’t use their powers yet, a simple platformer that I’m sure I’ll try get 30 minutes of fun out of it…the word is ‘try’. Prices go from £5.

4. Metroid II: Return of Samus – When you get down to it, Nintendo really screwed up the Metroid franchise with Other M. But screw that game I want to play the originals, this might be the only Nintendo game (Other than Kid Icarus) in which the sequel was only released for the Game Boy…and IT LOOKS GLORIOUS! Games like this have to be on handheld devices, because it’s a platformer so why not? Prices go from £10.

3. Pokémon: Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition – I’ve already got the Blue Version and I also want the Red Version too, but this game is a game that if it’s sealed in the box, should never be played…and that’s why it’s off the list…enter Pokémon: Red Version, the same as the Blue Version but with different Pokémon, also in number 3 is the Link Cable, connect two Game Boys with one with blue and another with red and you’ll collect them all in no time. Prices for the Yellow Version go from £35, that’s understandable.

2. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Rise of the Foot Clan – I brought this, played and enjoyed it for 5 minutes and just stopped working, luckily I got a refund but this the best fun I’ve had with a Game Boy game in years since I didn’t own a lot of Game Boy games, only one and that was Super Mario Land, and it was a US import, if I can find it again that actually works, chances are it’s going to have ‘Hero’ on it. Prices go from £6.99

1. Donkey Kong Land – I have played Donkey Kong Country…for Super Famicom, I really loved it and to see the exact same graphics being put into a Game Boy port is just very impressive for the time…OK, not a graphically impressive as the original, but for the Game Boy it was impressive, I wasn’t sure whether to put it on the list, until I realised this is set after the events of Country, so It’s still DKC but on a handheld device. Had this been on the NES, it would probably be Donkey Kong Land but with Color. Prices go from £3-£4.


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