Antarctic Adventure

Running home after a day at the place of higher education, jumping over the cracks on the floor so you don’t break your mother’s back, coming home and raising your England flag on top of your home, knowing you had your own adventure…I need to go see someone.

The punchline anyway is Antarctic Adventure (Kekkyoku Nankyoku Daibôken), developed and released by Konami in 1983 for MSX computers but was eventually released for other home consoles.

The game is simple as you think, you play as Penta the Penguin as you race to get to research stations whilst putting up flags of different countries, during your races you must avoid sea lions and cracks on the ground whilst catching fish and flags for bonus points, a flashy flag (possibly included in just the NES version) will make you fly for a short period of time.

Like many games at the time, it doesn’t have an ending, after reaching the last post the game starts at the first level again but with increased difficulty. There isn’t a variety of music, but at the time that was the case due to the limitations of technology at the time, the music used for each level is “The Skaters’ Waltz” by Émile Waldteufel.

The game play feels basic, until it eventually gets faster, but not even the challenging game play makes it special as it lacks any variety and eventually gets whilst not boring it’s nothing rewarding in the game to motivate you to keep on playing, but I will say that it’s an early game so you expect a lot much and I like playing it.

Did you Know? Penta and his son Pentarou became the mascots for Konami in the 1980’s, so they were pretty much the Alex Kidd, popular in the 80’s but now long forgotten by many gamers, but they did make appearances in over 10 games, most notably the Parodius series.

A screen of this game can briefly be seen in the introduction of Gradius ReBirth, released in 2008 for the Wii Virtual Console. There were rumor of an arcade version of the game by Konami, but there hasn’t been any evidence to prove of this.

Overall, it’s a basic endless running game, so technically it’s the early version of those dull endless running games you see on your mobile like Temple Run, but like that game after a while you just a little bored of it, yes I said it, Temple Run is boring, after a while that is. But if you have a lazy Sunday, then this is the game to play for a while.

You can get it on MSX, NES/Famicom, ColecoVision, Game Boy (in Konami GB Collection Vol. 3), Game Boy Color (in Konami GB Collection Vol. 4), Mobile Phones and Virtual Console.



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