Dr. Mario (Old Review)

Mario, your CV has a huge list, Carpenter, Plumber, Demolisher, Kart Racer, Golf Player, Tennis Player, Baseball Player, and he’s also a Doctor. Mario must be the most talented being in the whole universe, and also the smartest being a Doctor. Dr. Mario (ドクターマリオ  Dokutā Mario?), developed by Nintendo Research & Development 1 and  published by Nintendo and was released in 1990. It was designed by Game Boy legend Gunpei Yokoi and produced by Takahiro Harada. I’m going to review the Game Boy port but all ports are pretty much the same.

So it’s a puzzle game in the simplest term, there are 3 types of germs in a hospital and Mario as a Doctor must kill them, using pills. Yep, another shape dropping puzzle game. So we be grabbin’ pills like Lewis and drop them one by one. Germs are in bottles so you must defeat them by dropping pills on them, dropping three or more pills of the same corresponding colour as the germ and they die, do this with all the germs and that’s the game.

The gameplay is very fun; it has elements of Tetris and Puyo Puyo, trying not to fill up the bottles with pills to the top. I’m playing the Game Boy version, but I have played the NES port, it’s very colourful and appealing, the Game Boy version is still appealing too, with a monochrome touch to it.

Did you know? Many parents were very critical of the premise due to its inclusion of medicine in a children’s game…really, not a good review of how it teaches kids about medicine…you can tell the parents who criticised the game are MORONS! Despite this, Dr. Mario received many praise by everyone and the cool mothers, appearing on “Best Nintendo Games of All Time” lists.

Overall, it’s a very fun puzzle game but did it really need Mario in it, you could put another random character on it and it would make no difference. Also, the gameplay is not the most original, at this point it’s been done to death but for what you’re supposed to do it has a unique style to it.

You can get it on NES, Nintendo VS. System, PlayChoice-10, Game Boy, Satellaview, Nintendo Power, Game Boy Advance and Virtual Console (Nintendo 3DS and Wii U)

Rating: 5/5


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