The PlayStation Anniversary: My History and It’s History (Old Post)

Yes this is a big one, I couldn’t do a top 10, this has some of the best games and it has loads of games so 10 isn’t enough, it’s the Sony PlayStation One.
This console was my childhood, my uncle gave this to me for Christmas after he used it up and brought a PlayStation 2 (as you do), this brought me joy this was awesome, but I had poor taste seeing as I didn’t play Crash Bandicoot or Final Fantasy 7 but slightly awful games, but at least I had Street Fighter Collection and Soulblade so that’s cool.

However, High School happen, peer pressure got the better of me, people keep telling me to get rid of the console and unfortunately, I listened, I gave it to my cousin hoping to get a PS2, but I didn’t, but I did get a Wii years later so it’s not that bad. Yet I still felt empty with the PlayStation gone. But a miracle happened in the form of a PlayStation…3, hey that’s not bad at all and when I found out that it can not only play PS1 games but PS2 games it was great, but it couldn’t play PS3 games ironically (I had to wait a year to get a slim version).

So I continued to buy PS1 games as well as PS2 games to play and it was great, but then the PS3 just died for no reason, but my cousin stopped playing the PS1 and I asked for it back and he gave it to me, this console was in their garage for about 5 years, through rain, sun and snow it still worked but the memory card slot didn’t, I did buy another PS1 from a charity shop for £2.50, great deal and in mostly working condition. As of now I have a whopping 173 PS1 games, but still no Final Fantasy games…one day.

The PlayStation was released on December 3rd 1994 in Japan, September 9th 1995 in the US and September 29th 1995 in Europe, this is a 32-bit games console using discs and developers loved it seeing as it can hold more data on them than cartriges, something Nintendo didn’t realise and it hurt them hard.

Speaking of Nintendo, they collaborated with Sony to produce a disc based version of their Super Nintendo, but there were issues and they split but Sony decided to make their own console anyway which became the PlayStation and the rest is history.

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