The PlayStation Anniversary Top List – Top 25 PlayStation Games I want to Play Part 2 – 25-12

So the way I’m doing this is that I’ll tell you why I want to play this and how much it can currently be sold according to eBay. They can be expensive so I’d recommend Car Boot Sales and Charity Shops to find better deals, I know I have.

25. Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time – So this is a 3D platformer in which you play as Bugs Bunny, this would be ignored by me if it wasn’t for Caddicarus liking it and sharing his reasons for why it’s good and it seems that this game respects the Looney Tunes franchise in every way, it looks fun to play. Prices go from £12, pretty pricey for a licensed game.

24. Rapid Reload – So this is a Metal Slug type game with a pinch of Gunstar Heroes for good measure. I like Metal Slug so this should be right up my street, and somehow the USA didn’r getting it in their country, which is usually the complete opposite. Prices go from £30, this will be hard to find cheap, especially since nobody commonly sells this game from what I see.

23. Twisted Metal –  Vehicular combat; this and Carmageddon are the only games to get it right, riding around cars, collecting weapons and trying to kill the other drivers in sight, pure vehicular fun. I’ve played Twisted Metal: Head-On on the PSP already and I enjoyed it so I got to pay respects to Calypso by playing the very first game. Up to £18 for this? I thought it would be cheaper than that.

22. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne –  So this is a Mega Man spin-off I’ve never heard of, I don’t know what the game is about or what the gameplay looks like, all I know is that the PAL version is expensive so why not? But I don’t know anything about this game means I might enjoy it more. How expensive is it? About £100 expensive! And this is why we need re-releases.

21. Parappa the Rapper: The Hip Hop Hero – I have Um Jammer Lammy which is surprisingly quite rare (And I paid 59p for it), the paper thin hip hop artist has a rhythmic game and it looks very challenging and if I can’t do UmJammer Lammy I don’t know what to do about Parappa the Rapper. Prices go from £20 and a little under, I wonder if I can get this one for 59p too.

20. The Adventures of Alundra – I have the sequel Alundra 2, another game I paid 59p for. In order to play the sequel I have, I must have the first one, because story-wise it will be satisfying. Alundra 2’s prices go from £10-£20, is it me or has prices gone down? The first one goes for about £12, so the prices aren’t that bad…though pricey for me.

19. Kula World – I played a demo of this and it’s jarring in a good way, a puzzle game in which you have to roll a beach ball in a maze to collect stuff…don’t worry it gets more complicated than that including the changing of physics. Prices go from about £35…£35 for a puzzle game?

18. Yu-Gi-Oh!: Forbidden Memories – I have recently read the original manga, where the characters get their arse handed to them every chapter and Yugi takes revenge, but I really like this manga, so much so that I want to learn how to play the card games, hopefully this game will give me the basics of how to play it. By the way, who thinks the season zero theme song is amazing, because it is! Prices vary from £5-£10 so we found a cheap one so far.

17. JumpingFlash! – I brought a PlayStation Demo 1, the first ever PlayStation demo ever released, allowing you to play some demos of the launch titles, one I really liked was JumpingFlash!, where you play as a robot rabbit in a world dreams and hallucinogenic drugs are made of, it’s a clunky 3D platformer but it has a lot of charm…or I’m too desensitised or something. I look forward to playing the full game. Prices go from £12.99.

16. Resident Evil 2 – I have the first game and it has frustrating and dated controls, hopefully this uses the controls to it’s advantage, one day I’ll sit down to play the first one and learn the controls without getting frustrated, then get the sequel. Prices go from £5, so it’s a reasonable price, especially for a Resident Evil game.

15. Dino Crisis –  So from what I’m seeing here this is Resident Evil meets Jurassic Park; this was made by Capcom so I’m probably right. Prices go from £6, this is a game I want to play in time for Jurassic World despite not having any relations.

14. The Legend of Dragoon –  I don’t want to get it for its gameplay, ok that’s the whole reason, it has a cult status meaning that despite its issues it’s still a good game to pick up, this would be the case if it wasn’t for the fact that you need to pay hundreds of pounds for it making it the rarest and expensive game on the PlayStation 1…period. Around £70-£100, good luck me!

13. Breath of Fire 3 & 4 – Nothing much to say since I haven’t played the first and second one yet but something to collect. £24.99 for the third one and £14.99 for the fourth one.

12. Kurushi –  This is also known as Intelligent Cube. I played this on a demo, it’s a bit jarring and scary, also I didn’t know the rules since every time I moved I fell, Japanese puzzling at its finest. Prices go from £18.00. Another expensive puzzle game?


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