Limbo (Old Review)

Modern art, I don’t get it! But how about a bit of black and white, along with some violence so gory that censors would be fine with it because it’s in black and white. Limbo, developed and published by Playdead, it’s a puzzle platform game that you could beat in one evening sitting.

In the deep dark forest on the Edge of Hell (the theological concept of Limbo), you play as a boy with no name as he searches for his sister. He does find other people but they’re either run away, try to kill you or are already dead…oh and there is a giant spider too. The stand out element of the game is the art style, with greyscale graphics giving it a very haunting environment and I love it.

Despite this greyscale art style, it doesn’t get repetitive and has a lasting impression even when finishing playing the game. There is little to no music, some are there to make the game tense and they work well despite being forgettable. The gameplay…prepare for an extra dose of trial and error, the first time you play this game you will die a lot, the game loves to fool you and confuse you with it’s puzzles, for example, there’s some grass on the floor, you walk on it and you die, upon realising that you stepped on a bear trap; it happens a lot in the game, but the more you play the game, as in play it over and over again, the more you know how to solve the puzzles and get the coveted achievement of dying less than 5 times.

Heck, the devlopers wanted players to constantly die, but you’re rewarded for your failiure and that’s the entire game in a nutshell, you win for failing, the game’s longevity increases because you fail. This is one of the strangest analysis of a video game, where we’re used to see the rule of reward and failiure was set straight and Limbo went and twisted the rule to the nth degree. And you know what? I praise it for it, heck, Super Meat Boy does the same thing and you still feel good for it.

Overall, it’s an interesing experience from beginning to end, it’s also intriguing and if you’re a gamer that wants to be the very best, like no one ever was, don’t play it, we don’t want another gamer threatening to kill the developers pets…I don’t know what the gamers say on the Internet. Joking aside, it’s a darkly beautiful and ireely peaceful game, for a game you can beat in an hour, it gets very tense. You see I got this game on an Xbox Triple Pack disc along with Trials HD and ‘splosion Man, it cost £5 but I only brought it just for Limbo and it was well worth the money. I love this game and if I can’t think of a game to play, I’ll come back to this…or Team Fortress 2 as blooming usual.

You can get this on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, SteamOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android and…er, hey, that OnLive user, over there, yeah you, the service is dead, I repeat, the OnLive service is dead…I’m sorry for your loss.

Rating: 5/5


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