Top 5 Sega Mega-CD Games I Want To Play

Next, Sega CD, you poor sod. It was released at around 1992 to extend the life of the Mega Drive…and only shortened it. I got my Sega CD for £30, very good price for a not-so-hard-to-find system, I got Cobra Command + Sol-Feace, Road Avenger and Sega Classics Arcade Collection: Limited Edition (despite being a limited edition is very common and cheap to buy. Many people complained of the long loading time, but I didn’t have a problem with that so far as the games loaded instantly, maybe it’s the games or the system model itself.

This was an add-on console for the Mega Drive, which has some advanced plug-in tendencies, the one I have is the Mega-CD II, specifically made for the Mega Drive II and not actually for the Mega Drive I that I have, thankfully I got an extended bar to hold the Mega Drive I with it, then comes screwing bars and more bars to it so it doesn’t slip off, it’s a bit jarring, but you most likely need to do once.

It was one of the earliest consoles to use CD technology, it was supposed to make gaming better and look better, unfortunately, FMVs took over to shorten the life of it. The technology was weak compared to CD drives for PC games, for FMVs the screen is compressed so much that even the VHS tape was Blu-Ray compared to Sega CD. The most annoying part of the hardware is the fact that it needs an additional plug to power it as well as the Mega Drive plug, the fact that the plugs are massive so fitting them somewhere can be a right pain.

The games are just…I don’t know; you see there are different types of games. First, the games that were already released for the Mega Drive but look no different to the cartridge version…kind of, FMVs, forgettable games and one game that everyone loves but are annoyed because it released on the Sega CD (Sonic CD). That’s the library in the nutshell. The EU and Japanese cases are thick jewel cases with two sides to open, one for the disc and one for the manual, whilst the US had a DVD case only taller. The discs aren’t that interesting that I know of.

Overall, it’s just OK, it’s not the best thing in the world, I’m not exactly fond of the thing so far but I only brought it for collective purposes. It somehow makes my Mega Drive even bigger in width, holding it is like carrying a tray of food, it’s kind of jarring, and should I get the 32X, that’s going to be something else.

Making a top 10 was very difficult, since there weren’t a lot of games and even those that I would want to play so I shortened it to 5.

Honorable Mention – Sonic CD – let’s get it out of the way, everyone loves Sonic CD, if you are going to buy a Mega CD, it’s just going to be for this game. I didn’t include this on the list because I already have it on the PlayStation 2 as part of the Sonic Gems Collection, I’ve played it already so there’s no point in adding it to the list. I also played the PC remaster and it’s great, play it right away.

Also, Silpheed was on this list as it was originally in Blogger, but since then I already got it so it’s going to be replaced by something else and this list is already hard enough as it is. And one more thing, these games need to be original and not re-releases or remakes of games already released for the Mega Drive.

5. Night Trap – A game that was very controversial, a game that got people upset due to the fact that nothing really happened and everything that was said about it by senators were a bunch of lies. While Mortal Kombat deserved it, Night Trap really didn’t, it was a tongue-in-cheek B-Movie style interactive game in which you spied on teens to protect them from ninja vampires…yeah, a hint of voyerism there but it was played for laughs and you had to save them from danger, NOT PUT THEM IN DANGER, seriously, really didn’t derserve that controversy. It was a best-seller in the UK though so it’s controversy was the commercial.

4. Dragon’s Lair – I never played this before, this interactive movie animated by Don Bluth, creator of An American Tail and The Secret of NIMH, has become a legend in gaming. You play as Dirk the Daring as you battle your way through a castle to save a princess because game story 101 says so. Whilst ports of this game has never been the same as the arcade and in fact were horrible games, I think the Sega CD with it’s technology can pull this off well, even if the screen will be compressed.

3. Wonder Dog – Before cone-boobs strangely turned young men on, Tomb Raider creator Core Design made a platform game for the add-on and since I like platformers the same way a young kids like First-Person Shooters. You play as a super hero Dog who must defeat a villian and reunite himself with a boy he met for 5 minutes…I don’t know, if I didn’t get Silpheed this wouldn’t be on this list.

2. The Software Toolworks’ Star Wars Chess – For some reason I really want to play this, probably because it’s a Star Wars version of Battle Chess, despite the fact that I don’t know how to play Chess (blame technology), just me and my friend playing chess with Darth Vader being killed by Luke Skywalker, akward but a fun possibility.

1. Snatcher – Because anything that has the Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima written on it is going to be a top quality game, it’s an adventure game with lots of cyberpunk themes and has a man whose head has been decapitated, I’m sold. Kojima’s strength is storytelling and this looks like it’s going to have some great storytelling, I think this and Sonic CD are two reasons why you should buy a Sega CD according to many gamers who own the…HOW MUCH!!!


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