Wii Sports (Old Review)

When the Wii was launched in 2006, Nintendo saw the dollar bills flowing fast into their laps after the not-so successful GameCube, the Wii had its remote controller and nunchuck, this was to revolutionise gaming (kind of). The game that popularised the console was the bundled game Wii Sports (Wii スポーツ Wī Supōtsu?), developed by Nintendo EAD Group No. 2 and published by Nintendo it was released in November 19, 2006 in North America, December 2, 2006 in Japan, December 7, 2006 in Australia and December 8, 2006 in Europe.

It was included as a bundled game with the Wii console in all countries except Japan (whoops), making it the first game included with the launch of a Nintendo system since Mario’s Tennis for the Virtual Boy in 1995. Wii Sports is now available on its own as part of the Nintendo Selects collection of games and is no longer a pack-in game for the Wii.

This is a compilation of 5 different sports games that are used to show off the motion sensing capabilities:

• Tennis: Basic Tennis.
• Baseball: Basic Baseball
• Bowling: Basic Bowling
• Boxing: Basic Boxing
• Golf: Basic Golf

Yeah, these are just basic sports games, but they do have additional training and fitness modes that monitor players’ progress in the sports. The main games are just basic sports games but the meat of the game is the motion control, you can use the Wii Remote and/or the Nunchuck to mimic what is supposed to be done as if you’re playing real sports and this was the selling point of the console.

After a game, a player gets skill points or has skill points taken away based on performance compared to the computer’s skill level, but some games don’t calculate points during the multiplayer games. The game keeps track of these points by putting them on a graph, and even increases the size of the crowd in Tennis and the Boxing single-player modes. Eventually get 1000 skill points in a sport, and you get a “pro” level, along with a cosmetic feature for their Mii in Bowling and Boxing. A Mii turned pro will receive a message on the Wii Message Board telling them so. Wii Sports also features a fitness test that calculates a player’s fitness age (from 0 to 100 years old, 0 being the best possible age).

The best part of this is whilst this was made to be a good exercise software (but that belongs to Wii Fit), at least you’d be doing something. It’s mostly fun with another player, as overtime it can get boring real fast on your own. However, the motion controls can get a bit iffy, at times it doesn’t respond well to some sports, like Boxing, trying to do a move and it doesn’t respond; and you can even cheat your way into winning, like Golf, flicking the Remote whilst sitting down and it will count as a hit, this kind of defeats the purpose of the game.

Then there are the physical problems, some people might not be able to play it due to physical illness, then there is the fact that you need a bigger room to play the game as many people have broken televisions because of this (and the fact that people have no idea how to put on straps).

I really like playing the game and all the sports game that are included…in 2007, now it’s just there in my shelf, the fad has gone, I’ve pretty much got more games that I have a lack of space left, I don’t have much time to play these games, as a matter of fact I don’t have time to play the Wii, I only play it if someone comes round and says “Game of Mario Kart Wii” for the 1000000th time.

However, I praise it for at least doing something new, but it’s just a fad and I have little love for it now, even though it doesn’t really keep you fit (maybe for children, yes), it’s can be fun for children. It’s popular with the elderly people and you could host competitions with it for parties, this is Nintendo after all, they’re the kings of family local multiplayer games.

Did you know? Wii Sports is currently the best-selling video game of all time as of April 2013, having outsold the previous best-seller, Super Mario Bros., also published by Nintendo.

Overall, it’s just a basic sports game with a new way to play it, this isn’t the first time Nintendo have done this, there was the Family Trainer for the NES, but who cares about it.

Unfortunately, the popularity of this game spawned awful copy cats on the same console and even rip off consoles that have even worse controls than the shovel ware sports titles. But it’s a fad and that will happen.

You can get it on the Wii (especially if it was bundled with the console, if you got the newer versions, you might need to get it separately).

Rating: 3/5


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