Top 10 Super Nintendo Games I Want to Play

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Now we take a look at a superior warrior of the console war, the Super Nintendo. I actually got this for £40 at the London Comic Con (which I hope to go back in May) and Super Mario World for £17, pricey but worth it. I think I told you lot about how I got The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for 50p, along with other good games like Aladdin, Starwing Killer Instinct, three WWF games and Super Mario All-Stars for the same price at a car boot sale.

This was the console that had to battle the Sega Mega Drive, but whilst the Super Nintendo was a success in the US, I don’t think it had that huge success in the EU, I mean it did well but many people were buying a Mega Drive and that’s why even PAL Super Nintendo games are more difficult to find than a Mega Drive which is why I have over 30 Mega Drive games and 15 Super Nintendo games.

The specifications blow the Mega Drive out of the water, it had slightly better graphics, even Nintendo made special chips to make some of their games better looking and more three-dimensional like Mode 7, then there was the FX chip to make 3D polygonal games like Starwing, Stunt Race FX and Vortex, these chips gave them an identity and it shows. But even the games without special chips were just brilliant games.

The console we got is the same as the Super Famicom, a slick design and one useful button was the eject button so you don’t have to pull your cartridge out without fuss. My only issue is that trying to play imported games are much harder than I thought, the game I really want to play but can’t be in the list is Super Mario RPG, because it uses special chips it won’t play on a PAL Super Nintendo (even if you got an adapter because Nintendo were dicks (Pardon).

The controller is great, it has a lot of buttons so you can do more with the game play, the directional pad is a little off but I can play games without any bother. The cartridges are a lot bigger than a Mega Drive and even some of the artwork have more energy and colour to them. My only issue is that it doesn’t have a label showing you the title of the game, you have to pull it out then read the title. Overall, it’s one of my favourite consoles, they have the best games on the system, there were even some that were innovative for it’s time.

Now for this top 10 I’m going to list PAL games only and not NTSC games.

10. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Turtles in Time – This is not only considered to be the best Turtles game but also the best Beat ’em Up game ever made. I really like Beat ’em Ups and this looks very fun, I’ll be looking forward to see and play some Turtle Action.

9. All the Mega Man releases for the SNES – I’m talking about Mega Man 7, Mega Man X, Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3, the only Mega Man game I’ve played for the most part is the first Mega Man and it’s challenging, but it’s an NES game and I need more practice, I’ve played some bits and bobs of the other main games and they’re fun to play…and hard. These SNES games might be a little less challenging, I’ve played a little bit of Mega Man X and I like what I’m seeing, and hopefully that and the other games will be fantastic games once I get the cartriges, or try for that matter since games like Mega Man 7 cost a lot of cash money.

8. Kirby’s Fun Pak (or Kirby Super Star) – I’ve played Kirby’s Dream Land and I liked it but offers nothing special, it’s a simple platform game, then came Kirby’s Adventure and I love it, but that’s for a review. The reason I want this game is that you have different games in it and it’s 2 player, playing with a friend is super fun (did I really put that in here), I like the Kirby games and this looks like everybody’s favourite game in the franchise.

7. All 3 Donkey Kong Country games (especially the first one) – Donkey Kong Country will be the games that had the most face-melting graphics, in a good way, the games look fun, it looks like it has some challenge and it’s multiplayer so you can play with a friend. I’ve always wanted to play and beat these games as many other gamers have. And it’s something to try before getting Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii or 3DS.

6. Goof Troop (Disney’s) – I’ve seen a lot of gameplay for this and it looks fun, but this is a game that you and a friend can really sink your teeth into, dedicated teamwork means fun gameplay for the weekend, somehow Capcom and Disney gelled so well together and we got so many classics from them for either the NES or SNES. Just don’t goof of too much or you’ll be like Game Grumps.

5. Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures – I’ll confess, I’ve never properly seen the Indiana Jones movies but I know the plot of them (but I still need to watch them…even the fourth one). When I saw the gameplay for this on AVGN I thought it looked cool, the gameplay looked great, the music awesome and faithful to the movies, I really want to play this.

4. The Actraiser games – So take action adventure and mix Sim City and any God Game from Bullfrog and that’s what you get…I think, it looks like it has an interesting story, the platforming sections intertwine with the urban planning, it’s another game that looks cool and I hope to properly play it one day.

3. Super Mario Kart – Of all the Mario games I have, how come I don’t have this one yet, it looks fantastic for the time and still is, it defined the racing genre and started a kart racing genre too, I really need to play this, especially with a friend.

2. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – This game appeals to me, other than the fact that it’s a Mario game, but you play as Yoshi looking after a Baby Mario, I love the art style of the game, the gameplay looks fun and it has some technological achievements due to the visuals, it will be a cute find…uhh!

1. Super Metroid – The last game of Metroid I tried to play was Other M, I turned it off 15 minutes later after hearing Samus’ voice, it was just irritating and the fact that they completely changed the character, I would like to play as a strong female protagonist…OH, Team Ninja developed this…that explains it all. The only way to like the franchise again is Metroid Prime (thank you), now to Super Metroid, this could be my favourite games of all time if I just kept on playing it, but I need to get it first, it’s a game I’ve wanted to play properly for a very long time and many of you can understand why.

Happy Autism Awareness Day!!!


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