Mottomo Abunai Deka (Old Review)

Well if you just started reading you probably have no idea what I’m reviewing unless you’re Japanese or a Famicom collector. I just happened to stumble upon it on my ROM list which I might not need since I will get a NES to SNES adapter along with a Famicom adapter…and a third-party top-loader NES until I can get a real NES…or a Famicom. Anyway, Mottomo Abunai Deka (The Most Dangerous Detectives), developed and released by Toei Animation, NTV and Micronics (who developed Ghostbusters…on the NES) and was released in 1990.

This game is based on a Japanese Police movie of the same name that was released in 1989 and there is so little information about it, but from what I could find according to Movie Fone:

“Two detectives have four days to solve a 15-year-old murder case.”

And that’s about it. Oh, and there’s some TV shows based on the movie, I don’t know. But it’s the game we’re talking about.

The story is about detectives Taka and Yuuji that have a job to do and they’re going against the Yakuza gang dubbed “The Silver Stars”, later on leading them to corruption in the police force and then to the main villain of the game at the end.

Onto the gameplay, the game is a side-scroller, you play as one of the detectives as you shoot your way through enemies with your trusty pistol. You can also collect power-ups like machine gun bullets and grenades but they’re limited and for me, they don’t make much difference to the gameplay nor does it make it any easier. But that’s what you mostly do, run, duck and gun everyone in sight.

There is also a two player mode but like most games at the time it’s simultaneous. There are 3 mini-games that you can encounter like a shooting gallery, a car ride and a shootout with a boss.

There are some issues, first off, the graphics. I don’t expect to get Destiny style graphics but even for the time it’s really poor, all the characters including the main characters and the enemies all look the same, skinny stick figures.

The game is sluggish and chugs like a…you know what, framerates are sporadic too. The gameplay is repetitive and soon becomes unfair since enemies come left and right and they’re shooting at you on both sides and even when you get rid of them, more will come and you’re unable to move.

Overall, this is a simple and quick game to play, but because of the sluggish and repetitive gameplay, it’s not really worth your time and I can perceive it as a time waster for people what so want to have a go at this.

You can get this on the Famicom.



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