Q&A – Competitive Gaming as a sport

These are questions I made for GCSE English as part of something, I don’t remember but here are the questions and you provide the answers.

I’m going to talk about how a developer wants competitive video gaming – known as e-sports to be included in the Olympics

1. Do you like games and what’s your usual experiences with it?

2. If they made e-sports an Olympic sport, what games would you like to see?

3. Would you like to be a competitor in e-sports?

4. Do you think e-sports is considered to be a proper sport?

5. E-sports is considered to be a spectator sport, so would something like e-sports be compared to football?

6. Do you think there is a specific audience for e-sports or can be shown to everyone?

7. By being a gamer would that mean, to you, you’re doing a sport?

8. Most games at e-sports played are usually strategy games, do you think there should be other games played in these tournaments?

9. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) have capped a number of sports allowed in the games for a number of reasons, Chess for example isn’t allowed because it’s a mind sport, do you think video games fall into that category?

10. Do you think e-sports should be an Olympic sport and why?


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