Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove Kickstarter

Photo original

Now I’ve never properly played these games and I’m hoping to find copies of all the games in the series. ToeJam & Earl is back and they need your help, they have a new game in development but they need $400,000 to help with the project.

Our newer look based on fan input

We need to resurrect this series and if it’s successful it will be released on PC for people to enjoy. Heck if it reaches $600,000-$800,000, it could get console releases. As of 23/03/2015 it already has $350,922 with 4 days to go. So they┬áneed $49,078 or more to complete the funding. Good luck to Humanature Studios on the project.

I will do more of these Kickstarter blogs as it could be a great opportunity to help these developers, but only if they’re really interesting and they really interest me in playing these games.


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