Top 25 GameBoy/GameBoy Color Games

Thinking of some Game Boy games to get, check this list!

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This top 25 list is now outdated and obsolete. It is replaced by my Top 100 GameBoy and GameBoy Color Games of All time list. Please ignore this and read the newer, more detailed top 100 list instead. This list is OLD.

Click here to view the new top 100 list.

A while back, I wrote the top 25 NES Powerpak Killer Apps list, and to my surprise that article turned out to be my most popular article ever. Flooded with requests to write similar lists for other systems, here’s the first of what I hope to turn into a semi-regular segment.

In 1989, Nintendo released the GameBoy Compact Portable Videogame system. The GameBoy was a monochrome, non backlit handheld with low resolution screen and a less powerful processor than even the NES, but it soon proved to be a hit. The GameBoy brand would endure until…

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