Pooyan (Old Review)


Why do wolves want to kill pigs…oh yeah, meat. Well if I’m tempted to get a bacon sandwich I guess humans are no better than wolves, but there is a game that contains a cute war between pigs and wolves, Pooyan (プーヤン) , developed by Konami and manufactured by Stern Electronics for the Arcades and was released in 1982.

The gameplay is simple yet confusing to put into words, but I’ll try. There is a mama pig that has to rescue her kidnapped piglets called Pooyan, but you actually play as two Buuyan, two pigs that control an electric car with mama pig with it, you control it, moving up and down but you can press A to hit the balloon riding wolves with a bow and arrow…so in simple terms, two pigs (as in you) move elevator, mama pig shoots (you press one button), got it?

The first stage is the wolves riding down to the bottom and you have to shoot their balloons down and shoot slabs of meat at them (IT WAS MEAT, DID THEY SACRIFICE ONE OF THEIR PIG PEOPLE JUST TO GET RID OF THE WOLVES, and WAS IT WORTH IT?).


Anyway, kill all the red wolves, but they’ll throw rocks at you so be careful and enter the second stage, the wolves ride to the top of the screen with their pink boss, should too many get to the top, they’ll push a boulder on Mama Pig, after clearing the second stage, you get a bonus stage which is the second stage and after that, it’s stage 1 all over again but with higher difficulty, everyone did that, recycling, thank goodness that’s over.

The music is surprisingly catchy, when the game begins it starts off with ‘The Other Day I Met a Bear’, and it’s epic but cute sounding at the same time. But all of the music is very nice sounding.

Overall, it’s cure but feels epic and intense, it captures a true war…from a cartoon that is, the graphics are cartoony but has dated OK, the controls are OK and music is fantastic, it’s just an ok game, it’s not bad but nothing special.

Bring home the, you know where this is going, see ya!

You can get it on the Arcades, Atari 2600, Atari 8-bit, Color Computer 2, Commodore 64, MSX, Apple II, Famicom, Virtual Console and Tandy TRS-80



2 thoughts on “Pooyan (Old Review)

  1. I remember when I first discovered Pooyan on a holiday in Spain. I thought it was pretty original and fun. It made a change from the space shooters I was used too. Nice to see it get a mention here.

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