It was the Steam Summer Sale 2014 (sorry to those who missed it), it was my first experience with a Steam sale and I’ll do it again for Christmas if my laptop hopefully doesn’t screw up, I got a number of games but being storage wise and having 4GB RAM I had to be careful what I got so I got games that didn’t take up much RAM or storage space…and cost under £2.

I got games like Another World, Sonic CD, Guacameleé Gold Edition, Garry’s Mod, Castle Crashers, Retro City Rampage and much more. I made sure these prices were under £2, I also took part in that Adventure Race…thing where you get put in a random team and the one with the most votes win and if you keep on winning some gamers get a number of free games, I wasn’t one of those but I got a badge for taking part and I’m happy that I took part. (UPDATE as of 14/08/2014): I did get a badge for taking part)

The last minute game I brought and a recommendation from my friend was Terraria, I didn’t want to buy it because I thought ‘IT’S JUST A 2D VERSION OF MINECRAFT’ but I brought it anyway.

Terraria developed and published by Re-Logic for the PC and were released in 2011.

I start the game with a black man I made because why not, I’m black ya’ll. I have no idea what I’m doing…until my friend asked me to be in his world, so multiplayer joining in I go and he was ahead of me when it came to playing the game, he taught me how to play the game, since the game never gives you a tutorial on how to play the game, it just expects
you to do things yourself, this is a problem with newcomers but special thanks to my friend for showing me the basics.

So you build a house and after getting used to the controls which are the WASD keys and the mouse which is easy to use, you can start to build a house out of dirt, wood or even stone. Get more wood to make a crafting table to craft stuff, so make some walls. You have default equipment like a sword, axe and a pickaxe. The sword, the only enemies you’ll see in the daytime is the slime, whack it and you get some coins and even some gel, get some wood and gel to make torches, these will light up your house for now.

So me and my friend always went to the left or right of the world to attack enemies and collect stuff for the house, no matter what, we always died the harder the enemies got but with the material we collected we can make armour and our combat skills got better every time. To get the best material, we go underground, into caves where the bats live and the zombies thrive, we get our swords and kill them all, then we dig some more, we got blocks of dirt, clay, stone, sand, ice, snow and the rest and we even got jewels like emeralds and rubies.

Because my friend was more experienced and played it more than I did so I missed some stuff but he got better weaponry and equipment so he gave me some of his old but useful stuff, better sword, better armour and better abilities. I did battle a couple of bosses with my friend, probably the coolest thing about the game is that all the items you collect on multiplayer can be used on your own single player game, so with all my equipment I battled the skeleton boss and won.

I don’t want to talk more about it as you should get it and experience yourself, it might not have a tutorial but Terraria Wiki will help you along the way. This was a game I didn’t really care for at first but I brought it and I didn’t regret it, there’s so much more to do than Minecraft, there’s so much more to craft and you’ll have fun when using improved equipment.

The graphics is a 16-bit like game; it’s much more appealing and will probably age better than Minecraft. The music is awesome, music change based on different environments and they fit so well, the environments are very appealing and are still colourful and dark when it’s needed.

The gameplay is basic but so much fun, when going underground it’s much harder to get lost so it’s much easier to explore and go back when you need to. Combat is basic when it comes to weaponry, but different enemies have different types of difficulty, bosses are difficult if you’re not equipped with the right weapons.

Overall, it’s just pure fun and whilst it’s not as creative as Minecraft if you like that game but more adventure and fantasy elements, then this is a great recommendation.

You can get it on the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network, Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Vita, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Kindle Fire and OS X.

Rating: 4.5/5


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