Rocky (Master System) (Old Review)


I’m not a boxing fan, I know, but when it comes to the Rocky movies, I love them, with serious, gritty movies like Rocky 1 & 2, and cheesy, goofy and completely stupid movies like the rest with Rocky Balboa going back to its roots in storytelling, it’s been a rollercoaster. But then there is Rocky for the Sega Master System, developed and published by Sega in 1987, it’s a boxing game, what else could it be.

So you start the game by training, punching a punching bag, this is supposed to help you be a better fighter in the ring, but I don’t see any difference when I’m doing my best in the ring. Afterwards you fight Apollo Creed; he’s easy enough once you know what to do.

Then more training, then Clubber Lang, he is near enough impossible, you will try everything to defeat him but nothing ever works, I looked at an FAQ since I didn’t have a manual, and the controls are not really confusing but confusing for a game like this, to do powerful punches you need to do a button combination…SOUNDS FUN DOESN’T IT!!! You know you’re humiliated when you can’t even beat Mr. T, proof that he can pity ALL THE FOOLS.

It’s surprising that Sega had the license for the movie, yet doesn’t use all the music, the music is forgettable apart from the opening when they show the Rocky logo which is made of pure epic, the music fits well when it comes to the matches but you forget about it.

Maybe it was good back in the day but it’s dated poorly and it isn’t fun and I don’t think anyone would play 2-player mode with me, it’s a game that hasn’t stood the test of time, it’s not the worse game ever made and I don’t think it’s horrible but we have better boxing games now, but I don’t recommend it unless you’re a Rocky fan or good ‘ol nostalgia.

You can get it on the Sega Master System.



One thought on “Rocky (Master System) (Old Review)

  1. The later Heavyweight Champ game is almost the same, they just replaced the Rocky theme characters with others.
    But yes i must agree with you that this is, at best, an average game.

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