DLC, Rushed Gaming, £45-£50 and why patience is the key to value…and wasn’t games back in the day fair in value?

NOTE: This might contain some form of satire, not a lot but some and this is my opinion and I don’t judge anyone on their opinions.

Well Assassin’s Creed: Unity has screwed up with its graphical issues, poor online problems and other stuff. Well whoops, this year has been horrible for gaming with games hyped to the roof and failing to deliver, that being Titanfall, Watch Dogs and Destiny, they disappointed game critics and gamers. There’s also the GamerGate stuff and now Ubisoft and their latest Assassin’s Creed game, it’s a mess. Now I won’t buy this game anytime soon, mostly because I don’t have a PS4 or an Xbox One, but even then I started to get bored of the series after Revelations. I don’t buy into the hype, I only buy into patience. Well at least Evolve hasn’t had the same hype only to disappoint people right? Right? Oh and have you seen that movie The Order: 1886, for some reason the cinema ticket price is £50 and I’m supposed to bring a PS4 controller.

When Aliens: Colonial Marines was released in 2013 I didn’t buy it, everyone else did but I didn’t. A whole year later, I brought it for £2 at Game with all the DLC in it…a few months later I sold it to CeX because it was crap, even then, I only buy into patience. Another example, Grand Theft Auto 5 was out and many people brought it but I waited. Two months later I found I brought it at Cash Generators for £19.99, not the price I usually get for a game but everywhere else was selling it for £40 so why not, I only buy into patience (and I also like to thank Murphy’s Law), though it was challenged and lost when I brought Super Smash Bros for 3DS for about £27…only to see it at Cash Converters for £19.99 to which I had an ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ moment (If you saw the show, you’ll get the joke).

I also wait if a game gets a Game of the Year Edition as it has all the DLC in it, speaking of which, I have a love/mostly hate relationship with DLC, funny considering I have never once brought DLC before, the positives of DLC is loads of extra content like an entire new game, for example, Far Cry 3 was released and there was a DLC called Blood Dragon, which was an entirely new game, good DLC. Even Mario Kart 8 has several sets of new tracks bundled with new characters and new car parts for £7, cheap price, good DLC. But then there is the bad DLC and that includes micro-transactions for every miniscule thing like…a gun…clothing…colour change for clothing…one map…for £10 each? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

This is why I hate bad DLC, season passes, all that stupid stuff that should be in the game already, MMOs like World of Warcraft can get away with it because you’re getting a lot of new content, mostly more maps, characters and weapons, good DLC again, but then there is an empty game like Titanfall and having to fill up the game with DLC that should be in the game. Then there is Capcom, oh boy, you know the company that puts all of the content in the disc but you can’t unlock them until you pay a hefty fee for each character or chapter for example, then Capcom ends up being ignorant about it. So you still got money Capcom? No? Still in trouble? What’s Mega Man doing outside asking for change?

There’s a reason I buy retro games, I’m 19 years old, people my age are into Call of Duty with online gaming features, Halo, any new games that looks good based on adverts that don’t look like the game and are disappointed when they see the final product, that being Watch Dogs again. But I don’t buy into the hype (except for Smash Bros, but it was that one time); you see when I played Destiny Beta I thought it was ok and I thought to myself “What is this game giving me that no other game has given me before”? The answer was MORE HALO! And I didn’t even like the first one.

I go to retro games because there’s no paid DLC to buy on consoles, you got the full game and if it had bugs or glitches, you had to dedicate yourself to beat the glitches…or blow the cartridge. The only DLC you could get was for PC games and even then you had to buy it from a shop, but you’d get a load of extra content for your money. The only way you knew if the game was good was looking at a magazine, maybe some adverts, asking other people or just looking at the front cover of the game and judging for yourself, it was an adventure, now we have videos of gameplay, adverts that never show the game, you have trailers, interviews with developers, posters, games nowadays are treated like movies.

When it comes to games, I mostly ignore the new stuff, I still read and watch gaming news, I’m always shocked and surprised about reports like any other person who watches the news, so gaming has become a big thing, but if there’s anything I do best is to be patient, ask people about their experiences with certain games, I know most of you won’t be doing that and just buy the game, if that’s the case, I don’t mind, as long as you have to knowledge and the common sense to backlash publishers for anything that makes you and most people unhappy, and that’s what happened to Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

One more thing, I wanted to get a PS4, but that will have to wait until there’s a game that makes me want to get it (not Batman anymore), games feel the same, they always have to be violent, with dull graphics and no sense of imagination, which is why I wanted the Wii U since Nintendo is the only company that has fun in mind and I want fun when playing games (I also want to be intreged), I play Team Fortress 2 for fun no matter how repetitive it is, I want to play a Mario game for fun, Nintendo has got it right, that’s why I go to retro games because the good ones are fun, they’re colourful, they’re creative due to limitations and most importantly, simple, which is why people like indie games because they’re so limited they try to do something creative and the game delivers as a result.

But remember, you might be thinking I’m hating on new games but I’m not, no two gamers are the same, different gamers have different tastes, they can change and adapt, and my tastes are having fun and sometimes going to dark and gritty games when they’re creative and new. Hopefully one day all gamers will eventually come to realise the errors of the game industry, hopefully the result doesn’t bring another video game crash.


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