Import Guide for PAL Gamers Part 2 – Sega

So I already talked about Nintendo Consoles, now here’s the Sega consoles; this is actually easy to import Sega Consoles as I’ll tell you now.

Did you know? Sega used to be called Service Games, but they later took the first two letters from each word to create Sega.


Sega Master System – Now let me tell you this isn’t the first console Sega released, there was one before called SG-1000, and they were some follow ups after that before the Master System. According to some forums, SG-1000 and some others’ games will work with all Master System consoles from all regions, the only issue is finding these games and also finding Japanese Master System games, but there’s surprisingly a few Japan-exclusive Master System games so I’m not missing much, apart from Alex Kidd BMX Trial though.

I brought After Burner and realised that it was a US import, so its region free.

UPDATE (As of 13/07/2017): So from what I heard, you can only play SG-1000 games on the Japanese Sega Master System, but not the western versions. So the sentence above may not be entirely true.

Did you know? The NES was a failure in EU but was a success in the US; the Master System was a success in the EU but a failure in the US. Even after it’s discontinuation in 1996, it was still going strong afterwards in Brazil, because many people couldn’t afford the latest consoles, this was a cheap console for people to play and it became a success. All Master System products were distributed by TecToy.


Sega Mega Drive – For Genesis games, some work and some don’t, I have a list of games that will and won’t work on a PAL Mega Drive without an adapter, I have US imports of Sonic & Knuckles and Super High Impact and they work without an adapter, but you can use an adapter like the Game Genie.

For the Japanese Mega Drive games, the shape of the cartridges are different and will not fit on a PAL Mega Drive, you can use a soldering iron to cut the corners to fit it onto the console, or you can get an adapter like the Game Genie.

Or just get an Everdrive MD, in which you get a cart and you have an SD card to put in it which you can store games and play it there, never having to buy a Sega Mega Drive game again, but I’m a collector of all things games so this isn’t for me plus I have a Game Genie now so I’m sorted out.

Now I’ve just brought a Game Genie from ebay for the Mega Drive, I’ve also brought some imports for it too and it works fine. From what I know, there are some games that won’t work Willy Nilly (did I really use that?), but you might need a code for the region lockout.

But since I live in the UK, I have PAL stuff, meaning the Mega Drive is 50hz, I recently ordered an Asian PAL Mega Drive thinking that it’s a Japanese 60hz console, I don’t know if it’s 60hz and it’s irritating me.


Sega Game Gear – From what I’ve seen, they’re region free, I brought one from a shop but it didn’t work, so I’m trying to get another one, one day.


Sega Saturn – This is the only Sega console that I don’t own as of yet but I really want one of these just for Sonic Jam, Sega Rally, Dragon Ball Z, Nights and those sweet-ass fighting games. There is a special action replay for the Saturn; you place it on the cartridge slot (usually used for RAM expansion slot and backup memory cart – for additional game saves).

(Update: I have a Saturn now)


Dreamcast – This is surprisingly the easiest to do and with little to no budget. There is software called the Utopia Boot Disk, you can download it for free. You then have to download DiscJuggler to burn it onto a disc. After you burn it onto a disc, turn on your Dreamcast and insert the disc, you’ll get a screen asking you to insert a disc, you insert your imported disc in it and make it load, turn it off and back on again, and the game should play.

I haven’t got any imports but I have burned some homebrew games like Another World, Joe and Mac Beats of Rage and The Giana Sisters and they work fine. So go download Utopia Boot Disk and DiscJuggler and start importing Dreamcast games.



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