Aladdin (SNES) (Old Review)


Did you know? Disney had good games thanks to Capcom, Disney and Capcom was like bread and butter, they made some classics like Duck Tales, Talespin, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom and Darkwing Duck to name a few, but one I’m taking a look at today is Aladdin for the Super Nintendo, developed and published by Capcom, and was released in 1993 in North America and 1994 in Europe, it’s another platform game that cashes in on the movie in a good way.

Everyone knows about the movie, it’s been years since I watched the movie and I enjoyed it as a kid, it was kind of a predecessor to Shrek with the pop-culture references at the time, which kind of makes it dated and so will Shrek in many years’ time.

So it follows the movie well, it has some levels that didn’t happen in the movie, it’s a game and you have to make sacrifices, you got the Market level, the cave level, Genie’s dimension level, pyramid level, the palace level and the final boss, all levels has some creativity with what you can do in the game.

As Aladdin, you can jump on enemies and/or throw apples; the combat is simple but effective with all enemies. You get a sheet to hover with, this is going to be a life saver in later levels, especially the third stage, but it’s something you need to collect, and it’s not default, nevertheless it can navigate you to higher places.

The environment is useful too since you can do acrobat moves and swing on sticks, it’s handled very well, the controls are great, it’s responsive enough with this gameplay. The levels have a good challenge to it, it’s not highly difficult and the sheet makes the game easy to beat. The bosses are good and have a good pattern to it; the last two final bosses are very challenging but not impossible to beat should you be a casual gamer.

The music, as with all Capcom games is fantastic, it takes samples from the music in the movies and make remixes, it can be epic, booming, it does the job and fits well with the action in the game. The graphics are just timeless, it’s beautiful; it gets the style of the film down to a tee when it was from the film, but even those levels do the movie justice.

Overall, it’s a great movie game…yes, a good movie game, back when Capcom actually cared about games and gamers. It’s one of my favourite games and it’s a gold standard in platforming.

You can get it on SNES and Game Boy Advance.

Rating: 5/5


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