I want to tell you a story…

When I was a child, I wanted to be a writer. Inspired by the likes of Roald Dahl and the number of TV and films I watched back then, even life itself; I was a very creative child. My love for computers kept me away from anything that let me be truly creative, I could have done art, but I can’t draw the way I would like it (I got a D in GCSE Art), I could have done Media Studies but I failed at that. But I did pass GCSE IT with a D (Distinction, which is good).

So I’m studying IT and as the work gets more difficult and time-consuming, I haven’t had the time to do reviews of longer games, heck, I haven’t reviewed a proper PlayStation 2 game yet.

Around last year I wanted to watch Dragon Ball Z but there was no way of watching them as I live in the UK. But my wish was granted with Dragon Ball Z Kai, and from that moment on, I became a fan of the franchise, and I was inspired to become a manga artist. Problem is while I could have a good story idea, drawing isn’t my strengths, I would love to draw just so I can show my story idea, but I feel I’m not a good drawer.

I could do my own drawing style but I feel like my drawing isn’t that good. I could learn but I’m too busy. I could do flash animation but I’m too busy. I could have learnt as a child but I didn’t have the internet until I went to college (For any US reader it’s not that college, it’s kind of a school for young adults before you go to college, and your college is known to UK residents as a University) so it was too late to learn anything, I can only write stuff in my free time (and even in my free time I play Team Fortress 2 because that game is like crack)

I could be a video game designer and tell my stories. I am doing video game work for my IT course, I thought this could be easy because I understand gaming like the back of my hand and I could make simple games easily. Then I got a reality check, let’s just say that making games and understanding games and making documentations is quite stress-inducing.

It seems that I was going to be trapped in something that doesn’t involve creativity. One day, there was a competition where they wanted creative stories that were 1000 words long so I decided to take part in it. There were so many ideas I could think of. The story I eventually wrote (or typed) was called Tyrone the Rabbit…and it was about mental health (with personal experience). As of 02/03/2015 (UK way of doing dates, US is 03/02/2015) I’m still waiting to see if it will get published.

As part of my English class, I had to make a creative story based on the poem Sister Maude. I learnt how to use complex words to make it like a story you would read in a book, and now I’m not proud of the story I sent in in a competition.

I realised now that I could be a short story writer, going back to my childhood dream, though I still want to be a manga artist (I hate people calling people a weaboo like an insult, leave them alone, if they like cat girls and people like dressing as cute anime characters, it’s their choice, we all have hobbys). So I got that as a backup.

For any child or anyone who knows a child who’s creative, learn art, learn anything that is visually appealing, learn flash, be inspired by everything you see, it could change your life, maybe for the better. And make sure you have the internet for the best sources or a friend who is good at that stuff (I have).

By the way, I did make a webcomic, it’s incomplete and it’s something I did years ago, for those who want to see it, here’s a link. This was made as a parody of Doctor Who:



4 thoughts on “I want to tell you a story…

  1. Thanks for sharing! I feel like it is very hard to be creative and actively express it. Sometimes I would have seemingly the best idea, but when I try to put it into an art form like a drawing or painting, my mind would come up blank. it sounds like you have so many interests and that’s a good thing, because you’re keeping an open mind on the different ways in which you cna use your creativity

  2. haha well it’s hard running a one-man show. If there’s something that you feel like you excel at, maybe in terms of the story or programming, then you can totally go for it, and maybe look for someone else who’s good at sprites… otherwise you might have to work extra hard for the games that you make

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