Top 10 Sega Master System Games I Want to Play

In 2013 or so I did some videos on top 4 stuff and called it The 4ZA Show, I don’t care for it anymore I think, I don’t know what to think of it. But I decided to make a list on this blog on games. I decided to make a top 10 games I want to play on each console I own currently, I’ll talk about its history, the design and overall of the console.

This week is Sega Master System, it’s like an NES but made by Sega, it’s cheaper than an NES, especially nowadays, I got the Master System II for £9.99, good deal but I’d rather get the first version since it came with a card slot, despite its redundancy, it had a few games that came in card form as well as cartridge form, which didn’t matter since there were no differences to the game so it’s just a gimmick, but should you get the SegaScope 3-D Glasses for use with some 3-D games, it would plug into the card slot.

In Japan, Sega’s first console was released in 1983 as the SG-1000, it was a console and it failed because of the almighty Famicom. The Sega Mark III was released in Japan, and then went to the US and the EU as the Master System.

This is a very interesting backstory since in the US, it didn’t do well since everyone was playing the NES, but in the EU, when our NES was released, it didn’t do well here since distributors Mattel overpriced everything from the console to even the games being £70 and the fact that it was sold in very obscure shops like chemists (WTF?). The computers like the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and the Amstrad CPC had cheaper games as low as £1.99 and even the premium games were £9.99 so the British spent their money on that.

So when the Master System came here it was a success since it was cheap and the games cost £29.99, it was cheap enough for us. But even after it’s discontinuation in 1996 it found a following in Brazil since there were many people who couldn’t afford the latest consoles and it did well there, all the products were distributed by TecToy.

The design of the first Master System looks tacky, the image on the front panel that shows what it does but just shows a red light when powered on, it looks dated and many gamers have also considered this laughably embarrassing. The Master System II which I have is basic but looks a lot better, it was curvy, chunky but as far as length does when looking at the top of it was smaller and compact despite being fatter, it does lose the card slot but it does the job, it also comes with Sonic the Hedgehog built-in so if you didn’t get a game at the time at least you got one in the console itself.

The controller is simply awful, I’ve said in my Sonic (8-bit) review that the controls felt gummy and the 1 & 2 buttons felt delayed even though they weren’t, it’s just due to the design of it, plus it didn’t even have a pause button, it was on the console, meaning you’d had to bend over and press it or use your toe, pointless and annoying. The cartridges are awful, it has the title of the game on the front and it’s just black.

Despite these faults, it’s an overall decent alternative to the NES, the game sometimes can be graphically better than the NES games if a lot of effort are put into them, it’s fun when you have the right games. Now let’s get to the top 10 games I want to play, these will not be in order these are games I just want to play and I might have played these games in one way or another but not on this console.

1. Alex Kidd in Miracle World – This was the first Alex Kidd game and was the mascot before throwing him in the streets and Sonic taking his place, I played it on an emulator (YOU ARE A PIRATE!) for 5 minutes but I wished I played it for more and on a console, the graphics look really nice and it looks like it might have some challenge, and yes it did come with the early versions of the Master System II but I got the one with Sonic the Hedgehog on it. If I can find a copy of it, I’ll give it a good look.

2. Zillion – I need some proper action games in my collection and Zillion might be the filling to that hole, it was actually based on an anime to advertise the game in Japan (and all we got at the time was The Super Mario Bros Super Show…EVERYBODY DO THE MARIO!). It has some similarities to Metroid, Impossible Mission and Flashback, focusing more on action than environment; I really want to play this.

3. Master of Darkness – This horror themed game might be a great alternative (and similar) to Castlevania, the graphics look awesome for the Master System and the gameplay looks great, despite being Sega’s Castlevania, it’s a game I want to play just for great graphics, gameplay that might play good and something to play before I can get an NES.

4. Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap – I only played and beat the first part of the game on an emulator (YOU ARE A PIRATE!) and it looks very fun to play, it has that Zelda 2 feel to it whether that’s a good or bad thing for many gamers, it looks very adventurous and I’d more likely to have fun with this.

5. Predator 2 – I seen gameplay of it and it looks fun and challenging, the graphics look nice and it’s just another game I want solely for having more action games in my Master System collection. I haven’t seen the movie let alone the first one, kind of a bit squeamish when it come to these movies, but I will force myself to watch these films.

6. Sonic The Hedgehog Chaos – Yes, a Sonic game for once, whilst I thought Sonic 1 was a pretty good game, the sequel on the Master System as I haven’t reviewed it yet, let me tell you now it’s a disappointment. But Sonic Chaos looks like the best of both and making a decent game out of it, I haven’t properly played it but it’s on some kind of compilation I have or something but I’d rather play it on a Master System.

7. The Terminator – I’ve played the Mega Drive port and found it ok once you know what to do, according to some gamers the Master System port is much harder, if I can beat the Mega Drive port, how about a challenging 8-bit port.

8. Time Soldiers – Kind of like Ikari Warriors this looks like pure Rambo style shooting fun, and it’s another game I would like to play with a friend (despite not having a lot of friends, but I have some, if they want to play this).

9. Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse – I played Castle of Illusion on the Mega Drive and it’s fantastic, but this one was not released for the Mega Drive, could it be as good as what we could have seen on a Mega Drive, these questions drive me sane because I don’t care but I’m curious nonetheless.

10. Black Belt – Anyone heard of Hokuto no Ken (or Fist of the North Star), well this game was based of the manga and anime show (and possibly movie that I watched, entertaining stuff), but in the west side, graphics changed but the enemies exploding into pixels was still present, I think I just wanted a game like that, experiencing punch,
then body explodes to a bloody pulp.

Do you have any recommendations that are not on this list? Comment on what I should play on the Sega Master System.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Sega Master System Games I Want to Play

  1. some random recommendations that comes to my mind:
    1.wonderboy in monsterland
    2.asterix gaiden
    4.ghouls and ghost (an excellent port, very similar to the one of the megadrive)
    5.t2 the arcade game (again an excellent port for an 8 bit system)
    6.golden axe warrior
    9.prince of persia (a well made game)

      1. unfortunately most of this games are very expensive and with the whole “retro gaming” being a trend nowadays consider yourself lucky if you can find anything at normal price.

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