City Connection (NES) (Old Review)


We’ve all been there, we play one of those games that are easy to understand but hard to master, you know what to do but there’s something about it that prevents you from progressing and the only way to master it is to play it over and over again. City Connection (シティコネクション Shiti Konekushon) is one of them, developed and published by Jaleco, this is a driving platform game, and quite an odd one I might add.

So you play as Clarice, the girl driver (or a male driver in the western version (GamerGate ruin everything)) driving a Honda City (which is actually a real car from Honda). Her mission: to go around the world and paint the roads white so she remembers which country she went to (so a list on a piece of paper was too much effort then). But the police are after her because she’s so oblivious to the fact that she’s a vandalist. And that’s all the game is, drive over platforms and turn them white whilst avoiding the police and spikes.

The gameplay is simple but hard to master, trying to jump to a road above takes some practicing and you also have to avoid the police and spikes…and avoid running over a cat. You know the game isn’t that memorable when the most memorable part of the game is running over one of my favourite animals ever. At some points in the game you can collect a balloon, collecting three sends you a few stages ahead (oh no, don’t do that, she’ll forget where she went).

It also has some of my favourite music; the main levels use the famous classic piece, “Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso”, from Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1. Which has become one of my favourite classical pieces and got me interested in classical music to an extent…a video game got me into classical music…senators, take note.

Then there is the theme of running over a cat, this is a comical music piece, “Der Flohwalzer”, known as “Neko Funjatta” (I Stepped on the Cat) in Japan, which is the darkest joke I’ve ever read in the context of this game.

Did you know? The music from the London stage is based on the Deep Purple song “Highway Star.”

Overall, it’s…kind of stupid, but in a comical sort of fashion, mostly because of the story and the cat. But other than that, it’s kind of dull but I like playing it when I have the time. I recommend having a go but cat lovers should stay away.

You can get it on the Arcades, NES, MSX and Virtual Console.

Rating: 3/5


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