Nintendo’s NES Sports Double Bill Vol. 1 – Tennis & Baseball (Old Review)

My favourite sports games are Golf, Basketball, Football, then there is Tennis, and there was one for the NES as one of the 18 launch titles released for the system, Tennis (or Tenisu), developed and published by Nintendo and was released in 1984 for the Famicom and was released in 1985 for the NES.

You must swing the ball to your opponent and that person must swing it back to you and vice versa, should one of them fail to hit the ball and drop in the outer rectangle, the player gets 15 points, if one wins with 40 points, they win the match and start over again, they’ll be 3 sets of matches, should you win 2 sets, you win the game and play with a harder player.

The rules of Tennis are very long but that’s just the basics. The game includes single player and multiplayer modes and has single and doubles matches, the computer opponent’s artificial intelligence and can be set to one of five difficulty levels. And apparently Mario referees the matches. Weird.

Overall, it’s again a basic sports game from Nintendo, but it still holds up if you like anything basic it’s right up your street, it’s not advanced as say Virtual Tennis but it’s still Tennis. It’s still addictive and just plain old fun.

You can get it on Famicom/NES, Famicom Disk System, PlayChoice-10, Game Boy, NEC PC-8801, Mobile Phone and Virtual Console.

Rating: 5/5

Baseball developed and published by Nintendo in 1985 for the Famicom and 1985 in the US’s NES.

Baseball, the game in which you have to score the most runs. When you hit the ball, it should go into the middle area of the field, you run to a base before your opponents can catch the ball, if the opponents catch the ball and you’re not in the base in time or they throw it to the nearest base before you reach the base, you’re out. If you fail to hit the ball three times, you’re out.

If you hit the ball to the back left or back right it counts as a foul and also counts as a strike but you only get two strikes no matter how many fouls you get. You can hit home run and any of your players still on the bases are free to run around and depending on how many players are on the bases you’ll get points. Should you get three outs or the other opponent gets three outs and teams switch rounds and you could be the thrower of the ball or vice versa.

It’s a very simple and basic game of Baseball, probably something to add to my list of reviewed games. The controls respond well, I don’t know if I’m controlling the fielders trying to get the ball or not, the graphics are basic 8-bit graphics and the jingles are very memorable. The game’s team names represent the members of the Japanese Central League in the Famicom version, but in the NES version they’re Major League Baseball.

Did you know? The title screen for this game was used in many NES sports titles like Pro Wrestling and an altered version was used in Nintendo’s Volleyball. The home run jingle was used in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out!!

Overall, I love this game, yes it’s simple, nothing special, it was one of the 18 launch titles for the NES and you can tell this was retro gaming at its simplest but I can play this for hours.

You can get it for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Rating: 5/5


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