We have games whose graphics have improved over the years but sometimes good graphics don’t make a good game (cough…COD…cough), but sometimes there are games that look like crap but the gameplay holds up well, and this is where Minecraft comes to mind, developed and published by Mojang for the PC version and developed by 4J Studios for the console versions. The alpha version was released in 2009 before being released in full in 2011.

My friend gave me a copy of the game, I wanted to try it out to see if it was good and maybe get the full version. I played for a year and I’ve never touched it ever since.

You play as Steve, a no one, a bland character, the Gordon Freeman of indie games, you start off in a randomly generated environment, with absolutely nothing, walk around and there’s nothing, you can pick up some dirt with your bare hands to make a small house, you can break trees with your bare hands and you can make a crafting station to craft more stuff, you can use many blocks to make houses.

Next, pickaxes, swords, axes, etc. Collect stone, iron, gold and diamond to improve them, diamond is the strongest and last longer. This game doesn’t give you a tutorial but it’s somehow easy to do the basic things when played by yourself. Then there are enemies, Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Enderman and the king of ‘annoying you’, the Creeper, you go near them, they explode, you build something that took you ages to make, creeper blows it up. So beware.

You can explore the world outside your environment, killing animals for meat and skin and other various materials, but then you realise that you’re lost and unable to go back, when you die, all your equipment fall of you, it’s annoying and you either have to go all the way back to collect them or craft them again, whilst this hasn’t happen to me, many gamers might rage quit.

The music is very forgettable because the songs are very minimal and very quiet and you’re unable to hear or even feel it, it’s just there and it passes you by. The graphics…oh the graphics, it’s pretty much 3D Lego and it’s very appealing…for kids, I’m not a fan of the design, in fact I was a fan of it but I took a big break and when I played it again, it doesn’t appeal to me anymore, because there’s another game that’s like Minecraft but better…

Overall, it’s a fun game to play with much to do but after a while of playing, I got bored of it, but it’s not a bad game, it’s really good, if you have kids they’ll find it fun. I haven’t tried out the mods so that’s that.

Probably the most important part of the game is that many gamers have uploaded their experiences on YouTube and even played mods like Yogscast, I used to watch and enjoyed that but there are more, so enjoy the videos and I’m going to play another better version…review of that specific game next time.

You can get it on Windows, OS X, Linux, Java platform, Java applet, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Raspberry Pi, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Rating: 3.5/5



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