RIP Club Nintendo

Well I just recently found out that Club Nintendo is coming to a close later this year, this is a service where you buy Nintendo products and you get codes, register the code which turns into stars and you can spend it on stuff. My problem is the stuff you really are worth too much stars, the stuff that you could afford suck, the only items I did get was an Animal Crossing Soundtrack and some Nintendo points, and even then I didn’t really care about it. AND THEN JAPAN GET THE BETTER STUFF.

But we’re going to get something different or something better and whatever we’re getting, when we sign up to the new service we get Flipnote Studio 3D…SIGN ME UP!

Are you a Club Nintendo member? What did you get? Are you going to miss it? Any suggestions on what should be replaced? Comment on your opinions.


3 thoughts on “RIP Club Nintendo

  1. Haha I know how you feel, I’ve had my Club Nintendo account for a really long time and its just going to disappear. Hopefully what they make to replace it will be better but I think it might a paid subscription service similar to lootcrate

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