Area 51 (1995) (Old Review)

Area 51, a mysterious place in America, a secret organization intent on supposedly taking any aliens landing on Earth and imprisoning them forever, and experimental things that are of the unordinary, keeping their secrets away from the public eye, conspiracy theorists claim that aliens are in Area 51 and anyone working there know that aliens exist, are aliens really out there? WAIT! I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a game critic and I’m talking about the arcade game Area 51, developed and published by Midway, it’s a rail shooter from the arcades and nothing more.

Aliens have come and spread their infection all over Area 51 (how rude!), you’re a soldier, part of the elite S.T.A.A.R forces and you have to shoot them all I guess. I’m playing the PlayStation port and it’s an accurate port of the arcade game. The game has stop motion effects, as in photographic people and stop motion aliens in a 3D environment, this process is incredibly dated, but is somehow scary at times, kudos! It has six, very long stages to shoot, if you can get through them without running out of credits.

Explore an accurate recreation of the most secretive airbase in the world (wait, so what I’ve been walking around in is an accurate recreation of Area 51? You know it’s not so secretive if you’re showing me what’s inside Area 51). You get different weapons like a pistol, machine gun, grenades and more, the pistol is unlimited and the default weapon but the other weapons are very helpful but are limited.

Did you know? The Saturn version supports all of the console’s light guns. The PlayStation version supports the Konami Justifier, but not the Namco GunCon.

Overall, it’s a pretty average arcade shooter, the graphics are dated but grim, the gameplay is nothing to write home about, it’s one of those games though that you need another person to play with.

You can get it on the Arcade, PlayStation, Sega Saturn and PC.



3 thoughts on “Area 51 (1995) (Old Review)

  1. Man, bit of nostalgia here. Me and my dad used to spend hours playing this. I think the on-rails FPS may have lived and died entirely in this era, but for what they were, Area 51 and others like Time Crisis & Point Blank were great.

    Good post.

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