Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2015

Got to make this before the true gaming of 2015 can begin.

5. The Legend of Zelda Wii U – Finally we get some new stuff on this game, according to Eiji Aonmua, the game enables you to explore more than previous games, the mountains in the background where you see in the trailer, you can go there, nice, and the character might not be Link, but he is after all, Eiji, you’re one funny guy. Then we get more game footage, looks great, game play looks great, then Eiji shown off bullet time…or arrow time, as I saw this “WOMBO COMBO” was blazing through my head, it was an amazing sight, why wouldn’t I play this. According to Eiji, this is going to be a mixture of the best of 2D Zelda games and the 3D games. I really hope this will bring a lot to the table, I’m really excited for this.

4. Mario Maker – When we saw that leaked photo we were hoping that this Mario Maker delivered what we wanted to see, that day came and it was TRUE, you can make your own Mario levels, well four types, the original 8-bit from the first game and the third game, 16-bit Super Mario World style graphics and a 2.5D level editor from New Super Mario Bros. U. Just think of the Kaizo levels everyone will attempt to make. And if it does well, Nintendo will give the Maker treatment to other Nintendo series…just take my coins.

3. Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Another Dragon Ball game but I’m a fan of it so I don’t care if it’s the same game every year.

2. Batman: Arkham Knight – I love the Batman games, that being Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, I haven’t played Origins yet, but according to some it’s weak, but this one is developed by Rocksteady so you know you’re going to get something good, the graphics look superb as it should, Batman’s flying is a lot fluent and you can finally drive the batmobile, with missiles…err…don’t kill people with  that okay…and then there is Scarecrow and kudos to Rocksteady because his reveal was actually truly scary and so was Scarecrow. I hope to invest on a PS4, because this is the only game that will make me want to get one.

1. No Man’s Sky – …10 PEOPLE DEVELOPED THIS…10 PEOPLE MADE THIS INDIE GAME THAT LOOKS LIKE A BIG DEVELOPING STUDIO COULD MAKE… 10 PEOPLE MADE A GAME SO MIND-BLOWING MY JAW DROPPED, TAKE MINECRAFT, WITH BETTER GRAPHICS AND I DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT BUT MY GOD…THIS IS A GAME I REALLY WANT TO PLAY…Sorry, but the game is a randomly generated game where you can explore millions…no, quintillons of planets, just go to a ship and instantly fly into space with no loading or freezing times whatsoever, take part in space battles in the process and just explore imaginative and colourful worlds. Ok Sony, you’ve officially gave me a reason to buy a PS4, make sure it doesn’t disappoint.

So what are games you’re looking forward to, comment down below of your choices, I look forward to seeing your choices.


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