Half Life: Blue Shift

So we had the fantastic Half Life, the great Opposing Force, then there is Blue Shift, a game that is somehow no different to Half-Life, which is fine by my standards. Developed by Valve Corporation and Gearbox Software and Published by Sierra and was released on June 12th 2001, this is the second and final official expansion pack for the Half Life game.

You play as Barney Calhoun, the security guard and a very well-known character in the series, and somehow has no personality like Gordon Freeman but had one in the first game and Half Life 2, you’re going to work and aliens attack, it’s set during the time Gordon Freeman opened the portal and the rest of the game is all about escaping Black Mesa.

The gameplay hasn’t changed in the slightest, which is fine, it’s the same as the first, but while Opposing Force was more of a military shooter, with new weapons and level design, this feels like the unreleased levels from the original game, and there’s sadly not much else to talk about, it’s about the same as the original, this is pretty much unnecessary filler and there’s nothing in the story that is important.

Did you know? This was going to be released with the Dreamcast port of the original Half-Life, but was cancelled and was released on PC as a standalone game.

Overall, as a Half-Life game while it’s still fantastic, as an expansion pack, it’s really weak, the gameplay, graphics and weapons are the same, there’s nothing new to use or to think about, it’s just escape shoot think live game but while we’ve had that with the last two games at least we got something new from Half Life and Opposing Force, but Blue Shift delivers nothing but filler, even the story is weak.

But the biggest issue is the length, it’s way too short, even Opposing Force was long enough as an expansion pack, when it ended I expected more, but it’s still Half Life, it’s still an excellent game and it’s still playable even today. Again, this was an add-on for the Dreamcast port and it explains everything about the faults of the game.

I still recommend checking it out if you’ve played the previous Half Life games, but don’t expect anything new.

You can get it on PC, OS X and Linux.

Rating: 3.5/5



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