Super Mario World (Old Review)

I got my Super Nintendo from a convention for £40, a bit steep but worth it, I got the game I’m reviewing today for £17, so how is this next instalment for the Super Nintendo’s Launch Title list? Super Mario World, developed and published by Nintendo and was released in 1990.

So Mario and Luigi are tired from their adventures from Super Mario Bros 3, so they decide to take a vacation to Dinosaur Land. Then Princess Toadstool (not Peach yet) is kidnapped…again. When Mario and Luigi try to find them, they find an egg and out hatched Yoshi in his first main appearance, Yoshi tells the brothers that him and his friends have been sealed into eggs by Bowser and his kids, and so Mario, Luigi and Yoshi set off on a journey through Dinosaur Land to rescue the dinosaurs and the Princess.

The most memorable map screen is here, Mario begins at Yoshi’s house and you can go through levels to unlock more leading to the end of island boss. In the levels, you can collect dragon coins for more points and collecting all of them in a level wins you a life and now you can even reserve power-ups which are really helpful for challenging levels.

There are Midway Gates which are checkpoints at the middle of a level, and then there are the goals at the end of the levels, if you break the tape while it’s high in the air, you get more gold stars, collect 100 and you play a bonus game to get more lives. The great thing about the game is that you can now save your progress, but you can only save if you clear a castle, fortress or haunted house, which can be annoying at times if you die at a castle and have to play those three hard levels all over again, but it does add to the challenge.

So you once again play as Mario doing the same basic moves, some have been used from Mario 3, you get the same power-ups from previous games, and now some new ones, but don’t expect the super leaf, tanooki suit and frog suit from the previous games. The caped feather turns Mario into Caped Mario (It should be called Super Mario, but that’s what they called him when he gets a mushroom), with this, you can spin incredibly fast to hit enemies and of course you can fly by running fast and go in the air, and you can open the cape, to fly.

There are many techniques to flying this, you can body press to slam an enemy to death, you can land at slow speed, possibly to avoid falling off a cliff, and fast dive to go down fast, but there’s a famous technique where you ascend and descend, so you can fly higher and continue flying and never stop which helps if a level is too hard.

For the first time you can ride a Yoshi, whose very helpful, he can eat mostly everything, if he eats a shell, he can’t swallow it, but he can spit it out something that can destroy enemies, like fireballs, he can even fly in the air or flutter if you hold the jump button.

Overall, this is another triumph in Mario’s gaming history. The graphics are very bright and so appealing, it showed off the colour palette that the game has and it shows that the Super Nintendo has more colour variety than the Sega Mega Drive. Most of the levels are memorable, giving them some sort of identity; the design is appealing to all. The music is catchy as heck, from the Overworld to the Map Screens; it has a fair amount of variety. If you have a Super Nintendo, it’s a must have in your collection.

You can get it on the Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance and Wii/WiiU Virtual Console.



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