Super Mario Bros. 3 (Old Review)

In 2013 I already wrote a detailed review of Super Mario Bros 3 so I didn’t need to do it again. You see I write reviews on my iPod Touch (don’t worry, it’s a very outdated version from about 5 years ago and someone gave me it for about £100, what idiot would buy one every year, hahaha…you serious?)
Anyway I accidentally deleted it so now I need to do ANOTHER one and I don’t know what I wrote before, with that said, Super Mario Bros 3, developed and published by Nintendo and was released in 1988.

King Bowser and the Koopalings (may or may not be his kids) have once  again kidnapped Princess Peach (zzz), but Bowser takes the kingdom’s kings’ wands and turn them into animals so Mario and Luigi have to sort it out…again!

So you start off with worlds consisting of board game like maps and the levels are in panels, this level selection is so memorable.

The levels are colourful and vibrant…oh, the NES one? ok, I need to tell you something, I didn’t grow up playing the NES version, I played the Game Boy Advance version and by God that port was my childhood, the level design was so colourful and so vibrant, but I lost it and it broke my heart.

Years later I got it for 3DS Virtual Console, the controls are awful, it’s literally A to jump and B to run, I usually use B to jump and Y to run in most 4-button Nintendo controllers like the SNES and the DS, it’s very uncomfortable and ruins my Mario 3 experience, so I decided to go pirate and emulate it with an Xbox 360 controller on my PC with custom controls, and I had a lot of fun with it, keep in mind the GBA port was not different gameplay-wise, just graphic-wise.

Anyway, the levels are short but sweet, since there are loads they don’t stretch on forever, they a lot more variety in what the levels enable you to do than any other Mario game at that point. You get the usual power-ups like the mushroom, fire flower and the starman, but there are new power-ups like the leaf that enables you to grow furry ears and a tail, you can hover with it, and keep on running you can fill up your P meter (hehehe) and fly for a short amount of time.

There are many more like the tanooki suit (SHUT UP PETA) which does what the leaf does, but you can turn into a statue for a short period of time. For the waters you get a Frog suit which makes you swim faster in the water but good luck using it on the surface. You also get a Hammer suit but those are rare.

At midpoint of the world you enter a castle and it has various challenges but not too hard and a mini-boss which is easy, but then there are the boss levels, just dodge bullet bills and cannonballs and they get harder in every world. Speaking of difficulty, it’s sporadic, one world is harder than later worlds and vice versa it’s weird and it should have been fixed but it’s just a nit-pick.

The music from the NES and the remastered version from the GBA are wonderful and fit specific environments well, the graphics from the NES are some of the best with what the 8-bit can do, but I still prefer GBA due to nostalgia.

Overall, this is one of my favourite Mario games of all time, even with a few niggles it’s still 8-bit perfection, it improved everything from the first one, the second one and the second one, and with the right controls (I’m looking at you 3DS) it becomes an awesome experience, it holds up very well, and will be a definite classic for years to come.

You can get it on the NES, PlayChoice-10, SNES (as part of Super Mario All-Stars), GBA and Virtual Console.



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