Star Fox 2 (Old Review)

There have been many games that have been developed but never released, they all might have fallen into obscurity if it wasn’t for the internet, some are broken but it’s not their fault since they weren’t finished but some are actually complete, but there is one that just might be the best Super Nintendo game never released, Star Fox 2

So why wasn’t it released? Well Nintendo was developing it, they decided to improve the graphics with an even more advanced FX chip, all was going well, but then they made the Nintendo 64 so Nintendo decided to scrap it and develop Star Fox 64 instead.

So Andross returns to destroy Corneria I guess and the Star Fox team have to defeat him.

You choose two characters to play. There are two new characters introduced and somehow have never been in any other sequel that I know of. You start in a hub which is a set of planets, the main objective is to protect the planet Corneria. The hub consists of a map, you must use a pointer to point where the Star Fox team should travel next, sometimes Andross will shoot a bomb at the planet Corneria, you can travel there to shoot it down.

When you travel to planets you never do the same thing twice, the walker is introduced, turning your Arwing into a walking AT-AT from star wars and it’s mind-blowing, it now feels like a full-3D game, it controls like one too.┬áThe game is for the most part about strategy, but it’s too easy if it’s a strategy game, but it’s a Nintendo game so I’ll forgive it.

After saving planets you get to the final boss Andross and it’s probably the most epic battle and probably my favourite boss ever, if you get to the boss it really feels like a battle and it’s satisfying when you defeat it.

Overall, this game is probably one of my favourite games never released, in my top 5 favourite games, I played the game once and I already fell in love with it, but there are things that would have made it even better, longer gameplay, more missions and a higher difficulty, if these features were implemented this would be the best game ever made, but I’m happy with what has been dug out of obscurity.

You can download a ROM of it (make sure it’s English translated and some of the bugs fixed) and play it on a SNES emulator on your PC and homebrewed consoles.



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