Half Life: Opposing Force

Half-Life is fantastic, the game that got many mods into the market like Counter Strike and Team Fortress Classic, but unfortunately, not many people talk about the Half-Life expansion packs, starting with Opposing Force, developed by Valve and Gearbox Software and was released on November 10th 1999 for US and was released in November 15th 1999 in EU.
So you’re one of the soldiers named Adrian Shepard who is out to kill everything in Black Mesa after that disaster the scientists caused, and yes, this is set later in the first Half-Life game, continuity can be lovely that way. You’re in a helicopter with your comrades but you’re attacked by aliens and you survive the crash. Later you find out that because you and your comrades failed to sort out the disaster, Black Ops are sent in to kill everything, including you and the remaining soldiers to avoid whistleblowing’s.

The story is pretty good, it’s not forgettable but you just don’t care for it, especially when you’re playing one of those guys you killed in the original, but has a very dark ending, in fact this ending might make more sense and you start to have an emotion for this character, with just as much personality as Gordon Freeman and that’s little I might add, I won’t tell you what happens at the end, but let’s just say; it’s not what you think. The gameplay is just like the original game so take a look at my Half-Life review as it’s nothing different other than climbing ropes, other than that, it’s the same experience.

There are different weapons, you do get the pistol, machine gun, shotgun, rocket launcher and the throwable weapons from the original, but you now get a wrench instead of crowbar, you also get a knife, a sniper rifle, and more I don’t want to spoil, but they feel great to shoot, but unlike the original, you don’t use all of them, just some to kill enemies and that’s unfortunate because it’s cool to use all the weapons, it’s about what weapons can affect an enemy the most, you get that at the original, but not here.

Security guards and scientists will help you as usual and move the story forward, your friends who are also U.S. Marines will help the player in combat, this is surprisingly a new part of the game, they are for the most part helpful and making sure they survive is a priority. Soldiers includes a soldier who will just use a sub-machine gun, shotgun or machine gun, the combat medic can heal you but can attack with a pistol, while the engineer can cut through doors and remove obstacles, allowing you to pass though. Sometimes they can be pointless to have them if you’re going to use them once, you’re only going to use them for short periods of time, I wished this part of the game was stretched further.

There are less levels than the original (due to the fact that it’s an expansion pack) but the game’s still as puzzling as the original (thanks again BigMacDavis), the levels still flows with the story. The graphics are still dated unless you’ve played the version with improved graphics.

It still has the same issues as the original, but I don’t care about them, what I forgot to tell you, these are issues I found but I forgot to put it in the review was the crouch jump, at times you need to do this to get to a next area, but how would you know how to do this without watching a walkthrough or read an instruction book but if you downloaded it via Steam, you don’t get an instruction book and it’s annoying, in fact, trying to use a crouch jump to get on a box can be on rare occasions annoying.

While the story flows well, you also have the problem of trial and error, you continuously die and you have no idea what to do or where to go due to it being a puzzle so the flow is still well but not perfect.

Did you know? The name Opposing Force has a double meaning, the player is playing as one of the enemies in the original game, and is a reference to Newton’s third law of motion.

Overall, it’s still brilliant, I think of it as a military shooter with an interesting story, yep, not even Call of Duty or Battlefield can top this game, and it’s an expansion pack, the story is still good, the gameplay and puzzling challenge are just like the first one and while it might not be game-changing as the original or they didn’t even do anything that new with the gameplay, it’s still an original experience that will continue to grab your attention for years to come, it’s another game that’s worth a look.

Next time: Blue Shift, the adventures of Barney the security guard.

You can get it on the Windows, OS X and Linux.

Rating: 4/5



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