Die Hard Trilogy (Old Review)

There are two Die Hard films I’ve seen, the first one and Die Hard 4.0 (or Live Free or Die Hard), the first movie was awesome and still holds up as an action movie, the fourth movie is silly but it’s fun to watch, whilst I haven’t seen the other films or only seen bits of them, they looks like good films, apart from the fifth.

There have been games based on the films, there’s the NES games, which sucks, the PC Engine game that wasn’t that bad, and some other games. But there is a popular compilation of games in one disc based on the films, Die Hard Trilogy, developed by Probe Entertainment and published by Fox Interactive and was released in 1996.

Probe Entertainment (Acclaim Cheltenham when they were brought by Acclaim) have had a long list of licensed games they have developed for many consoles from the Commodore 64/128 to the Mega Drive to the PC and this game was one of those games they developed.

This compilation has three arcade-like games based on the first three Die Hard films: Die Hard, Die Hard 2: Die Harder and Die Hard with a Vengeance.

The first Die Hard game, set inside the Nakatomi Plaza, is a shooting game, the objective is to shoot all the terrorists and rescue all the hostages, it’s a simple shooting game and whilst the gameplay and tank controls are quite dated but it’s still fun and you forget all the problems.

Apart from the end of the level where you have to leave the level via lift, where is a bomb in it meaning there’s a time limit to get there, the first level is easy to find since it’s a small room, then there is the second level and beyond where the levels become mazes to the point where you get lost trying to find the bomb and by the time you do find it, times up and the building blows up.

Next game is Die Hard 2: Die Harder, the game, set in Dulles Airport is an on-rails shooter, where you shoot terrorists and protect the innocent people, it’s just an ordinary arcade shooter, it’s fun but I recommend having a gun controller but a normal controller is ok.

Nothing much to say about it but it’s a fun game. My only problem with it is that it’s a single player game, this is a game that you usually play with another person and can become dull overtime when playing the game alone.

But then there is Die Hard with a Vengeance, this is by far the worst out of the three games, the objective of the game is to drive different kinds of cars to run over bombs all over New York City to defuse them (yes, it makes absolutely no sense what so ever). The problem is that the controls are awful, very fiddly and delayed, you will never get pass the first level.

Overall, this is a dated but very entertaining package, they’re every simple games and you’ll have fun playing them, apart from the third game, it’s awful and I don’t recommend playing it, if you want to get it, you’ll probably get it for the two games.

You can get it on the PlayStation, Sega Saturn and the PC.



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