Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie (Old Review)



I’m a fan of one swearing gaming nerd since 2007, since then he has given me and everyone a barrel of laughs, he was the pioneer of game reviewing online, inspiring many to follow in his footsteps and some went beyond and did their own styles of critiquing games, but he was one of the best. For those who don’t know, The Angry Video Game Nerd, played by James Rolfe is a web series that started out as just personal videos, but his friend found them so funny, he helped James to publish them online and they got ever so popular.

The series is about, simply, an irate nerd who plays bad video games, ones that have been deemed to have little to no quality, be too difficult or just have terrible designs. What makes it funny is when he angry and throwing swear words all over the place; the comedy consists of his outbursts, his faeces and the constant drinking of Rolling Rock. He’s been doing this for 10 years with (as of 16/09/14) 114 episodes made so far.

I loved his episodes, his latest episodes, not so much, his reviews are more laid back, the character is calmer and when he does see something bad in a game, he laughs…err, did he forget that he was supposed to be angry, but I guess there was a reason for this. He went to indiegogo and asked people for $75,000 so he could make a feature-length movie of the character, suffice to say, he got over $325,000. That was pretty much enough to make the movie the way he wanted it to make. So after about a few years, the movie is here and I’ve watched it, so what do I think about it?

An executive of Cockburn Industries Mandi persuades the company to release Eee Tee 2, a sequel to the Eee Tee, the worst game ever made (a parody of ET the Video Game, for copyright reasons), she proposes that the sequel shall be even worse than the first one, the reason why it will be a success because games sales of bad games have shot through the roof, and all because of one Angry Video Game Nerd.

Then we see the Nerd doing his shtick with many people praising him (why does this remind me of the first 20 minutes of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, the egotistical manner of the scene is just uncomfortable), then many people request him to review Eee Tee, which the Nerd has been avoiding for years, he works at Gamecops (parody of GameStop) and is forced to sell bad games, with many people buying bad games he reviewed and still everyone wants him to review Eee Tee.

After many nightmares that didn’t need to be there he decides to go to Alamogordo, New Mexico to prove that the cartridges that were mysteriously buried, he is accompanied by his friend Cooper and Mandi, who helps funding the trip.

I’m not going forward with this; I want you to watch it. I was really excited to watch this, and after I watched it I thought “That was boring”, what happened? It’s not bad but…what happened?

The Nerd I don’t have a problem with, he sticks to his character and is one of the reasons you’ll continue to watch it, his friends Cooper and Mandi are the character equivalent of cardboard cut-outs, they’re so uninteresting that I just don’t like them, they have little to no character development, sure Cooper is a mamma’s boy and is a coward, but it’s never the main focus of anything, when it pays off, you still don’t care. Mandi is a love interest of the Nerd…or was it Cooper, IT’S COOPER??? Really, I thought it would be the Nerd and Mandi since they had the most time together, Cooper is just there who doesn’t trust her halfway through the movie.

Oh and that ‘Nerds before birds’, that was horribly misogynistic, it something you hear from The Big Bang Theory, This is the scene where The Nerd tells Cooper about the rules of being a nerd, the last rule is‘No Girls’, seriously James, is this what you think, do you think this gives nerds comfort because again this is uncomfortable. And Cooper actually listens to him, not giving him any sort of different reason, as in, because the plot says so, and that’s why Cooper is a bland character, he should have been written better.

There’s another plot where Area 51 find the Nerd and co at the desert, thinking they’re looking for actual aliens, and the villain is a General Dark Onward (I don’t get it), who is legless and drives in a tank (WHAT’S THE JOKE?) and assistant Sergeant McButter (STILL DON’T GET IT). Dark Onward is the American stereotypical General, blow stuff up, no questions asked, when he tries to kill the main characters with a grenade he drops it, by the time he picks it up, it blow up in his arm, he calls it a flesh wound (still not funny and probably making fun of actual soldiers who have lost their limbs in battle JAMES).

There are some good things about the movie, albeit one, the effects, the effects are cheesy but I think that’s what gives it that charm, there’s no CGI apart from one scene and that is the only funny thing about the movie, they use puppets, animatronics and miniatures, they’re quite fun to watch.

There are some cameos from the internet, with Andre Meadows (Black Nerd), Kyle Justin (the guy who made the theme song for the show), Mike Matei, Pat the NES Punk, Justin Carmical (jewwario, who sadly died early this year) and even Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic).

Actually, I want to talk about him, in character he was the rival to the Nerd but in real life they got along fine. People thought he was going to review the movie as the character (which would make sense), but he instead reviewed it as himself, and oh boy did he praise the hell out of it, and it felt manipulative, like he was actually promoting it rather than actually giving it a legitimate review, he didn’t like being manipulated when he watched Disney’s Treasure Planet, but here he is being a hypocrite.

At the end he eventually does review it, but it’s such a weak payoff that if the movie was about reviewing ET I would be satisfied, and then he says it’s bad, but not that bad…POINTLESS TO THE END!!!

I’ve looked at fan’s reactions to it and I’ve seen more negative than positive, I’m joining the negative, this movie is such a let-down, but I wanted it to be good, the story is just too much for something based on a simple web series, in fact The Hollywood Reporter called it an “overly long and almost obsessively self-indulgent”, and that’s correct, it’s stupidly long and James’ ego-trip, it didn’t have to be this way.

The saddest part is that the Nerd’s angry sweary spewing are kept to a minimum, it made me feel that the comedy in the original series has gotten dry, it was funny one time but I think it’s all in the past, how many times can you say the F-word before it becomes stale and that is what the film has done, it tells me that everything about the show has gone stale. Well looks like everything is back to normal, maybe we might see some more Nerd episodes…only this time, it might not be the same.

If you want to watch it, you can watch it on Vimeo’s Video-on-Demand, but (as of 16/09/14) you might have to wait for a DVD and Blu-Ray release.

I just realised I made my first movie review on this blog.



4 thoughts on “Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie (Old Review)

  1. To be honest !! great blog ! but AVGN is a underground kinda character it is not for everyone abd soecially bit not for people who likes blockbuster movies cos this is not what you will get in that movie!! Of course you need to be a big harsh fan to understand why it is a big deal for him to review E.T ou Eeetee !!! all the chameos and so on !!!! For a guy who started for fun and only got 300k to do such an epic movie i think its awesome !!! this movie was more for the real die hard fans like me as a thank you and a gift !!!!

    1. I didn’t expect it to be a top notch Hollywood style movie, like I said I enjoyed the effects and the puppetry, which are the highlight of the movie, but it for the most part it wasn’t funny, it didn’t have to be fantastic as long as it made me laugh, but it just didn’t, I’m glad you enjoyed it, if you see his 12 games of Christmas reviews they were actually pretty funny.

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