Tekken (Old Review)

Now before I review Tekken I want to talk about the announcement of Tekken 7, which is cool, but then came Lucky Chloe with her j-pop appearance and people went mad over it to the point where the creator jokingly said that Americans won’t get the character but Europe and Japan will (yay), but he didn’t realise why people took it seriously. So let me get this straight, a man in a cougar mask, a bear, a panda, a kangaroo, an angel, a devil and an ogre are ok but a j-pop inspired character is not acceptable, I for one am ok with it, she actually looks cool and might bring some more personality to an already fantastic franchise.

Now with that out of the way, Tekken, a game along with Virtua Fighter brought 3D fighting games to the mainstream and changed the way we think about fighting games, something that wasn’t done since Street Fighter 2. My experience with Tekken consisted of a Collector’s Edition demo of Tekken 3, I never played it that much but my two uncles are massive fans of it, hours and hours of gaming and they’re really good and I can never beat them.

Tekken, developed and published by Namco, it was first released in the Arcades in 1994 before going to the PlayStation in 1995 and it became a hit. The game was never meant to be a fighting game at all but started as a test case for animating 3D models, but Namco eventually got developers who made Virtua Fighter back in 1993.

The control scheme is somewhat notably more different than any other fighting game at the time, since the punch and kick aren’t high or low but are considered left and right punches and kicks. The textures were more detailed and the frame rate was much smoother. It was developed for the Namco’s System 11 arcade board and because it was based on the same hardware of the PlayStation, it was very easy to port. Tekken was released to smaller arcade areas as a cheaper alternative to Virtua Fighter 2 which had a more expensive Model 2 board.

Heihachi Mishima is a ruthless and powerful man who is the CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu conglomerate, he announces the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, a fighting tournament and a one billion dollar cash prize to the fighter who wins. But one man by the name of Kazuya Mishima is Heihachi’s son enters to get revenge against his father who threw Kazuya off a cliff at the age of five; Heihachi did this to test his son’s strength and to see if he is worthy of being an heir to the company. He somehow survived the fall thanks to a Devil gene he has but leaves him with a scar.

You can choose up to eight different characters and some characters you can unlock and each of them have different move sets like other; again, instead of light and heavy attacks you use buttons that control each limb making special attacks more different and difficult to make.

And this is where I’m going to state the bleeding obvious; it’s hard, and not just challenging, I meanjust plain cheap, the controls feel very unresponsive, the characters (after round 4) are always betterthan you. For example, if you get hit on the floor, you’ll be halfway getting up, they’ll hit you straight away, you get no break, you got to hit hard and hit fast but even that’s hard to do due to the difficult gameplay mechanics.

Then there is Heihachi, the most impossible boss since Goro from Mortal Kombat, you get no chance of winning, he might give you a chance in the first round but after that you don’t have a prayer, I’m ok with fighting games but this can get ridiculous. There is no balance to the fighting mechanics and can cause frustration to many gamers.

But I can’t hate this game for it; it was the first game in the series and has gone on to have much better sequels and made 3D fighting games popular, it brought something new to the table, something fresh and innovative, it has similarities to Virtua Fighter but Tekken comes out on top for me. Overall, it might not be the most balanced game made, the graphics haven’t dated well but the music is actually cool and…very 90’s, I recommend 2-player mode because at least it’s a fairer challenge.

Did you know? Tekken series is very popular with the martial arts community due to the moves of the fighters being close to the actual style of fighting.

This is a game not many people have talked about that much, mostly because it’s been succeeded by its sequels and spin-offs, but I appreciate the game for what it is, but it’s one I probably not play for a while.

You can get it in the Arcade, PlayStation and PlayStation Network.

Rating: 2.5/5


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