Crush the Castle

Crush the Castle, this was the game that pumped up my inner warrior, forget Game of Thrones and its adult material, we have this game developed and published by Armor Games and was released On April 2009.

So the objective of the game is to go to different lands and destroy castles with your mighty catapult. You use different types of rocks and you unlock them every few levels, you start off with a small rock, then you get three small rocks to throw simultaneously, medium rock and three medium rocks and large rocks, etc.

Now even with this could be repetitive but then there’s the fact that Kings, Queens, Princesses and guards are far too stubborn to leave the castle, so when their castle gets crushed, they get crushed too, all blooded and all screaming…I’m not a sadist in any way but you get that satisfying experience of killing your foes, in later levels you have to be creative and be smart with your launching, so it gives the game some depth that I didn’t really need but I’m glad it did.

Whenever I see a game like Angry Birds I think of Crush the Castle, and funny enough that game was released even before Angry Birds (and somehow that made more money. There was even a sequel for this game and it was a lot better, with better weaponry, I really recommend this game and the sequel, check it out.

You can play it online.

Rating: 4/5


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