Strider II (Sega Mega Drive) (Old Review)

No, this isn’t the one released for the PlayStation, but the one released for the Sega Mega Drive, and there’s a reason nobody remembers this game. So Meio wants to turn Earth into a black hole and kidnaps someone and a strider has to save the day, even the story is just completely dull, compared to the first game’s story. The controls are just like the first game so that’s a first, then we come to the game play, I think the developers thought that since the first game was challenging, let’s spike the difficulty to IMPOSSIBLE.

The moment you start moving in the first level, you will get hit by a bomb that’s blended in with the environment, then something else hits you and you don’t have any time to dodge it, and by the time you think that’s the end of that, you die. The enemies are placed in specific spots where you’ll die easily.

Let’s talk about the first level, at the beginning of the game it’s very generous with energy bars which are your health, but the 2nd part of the level you get nothing and you end up constantly dying. The level design is the prime suspect, the first Strider game was mostly about slicing in an open environment, but now he’s mostly battling in close spaces which are out of place for a Strider game. You get a decent amount of continues, but they’ll eventually drop the more you play until its game over.

Overall, it’s just a bad example of how you can make a Strider game and try to make it harder because they tried to make an improvement without realising what made the first game tick. The controls are good but the graphics are a lazy, bland mess that only a company who tried too hard could make. Its game play is horrible, having a challenging game is awesome as long as it’s not impossible to beat like the first game, but this tried to be too challenging for its own good, it’s far too hard, I blame the level design, unfair enemy placement and things killing you that you probably couldn’t see until it’s too late.

Apparently the port to the 8-bit home computers like the ZX Spectrum surprisingly had a far better reception. Which is very embarrassing considering the fact that it was a port that mostly had yellow, blue and green graphics and was a more enjoyable game. I haven’t played the real Strider 2 yet, but one things for sure, the Strider port for the Sega Mega Drive was perfect, and cashing-in meant that US Gold were extremely desperate to get the same success as the first game, but they tried way too hard to be a playable game and that’s why it has been long forgotten not only by Strider fans and Capcom.

You can get it for the Sega Mega Drive.

Rating: 1.5/5



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