Sonic & Knuckles (Old Review)

Welcome back and now here’s my review of the expansion pack in a special cartridge. It’s Sonic & Knuckles, developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega.

This pretty much continues from Sonic 3, well is part of Sonic 3, why didn’t they call it Sonic 3: Part 2, sounds more epic. With Sonic & Knuckles, playing both characters will have a different impact on the story, nothing major but you can tell which is different when playing each character.

If you read my the Sonic 3 review or my reviews of the previous games and you know the controls of Sonic, but Knuckles is different, this time he can climb up walls to get to places Sonic can’t and he can glide by jumping and holding any of the trigger buttons (A, B or C if you’re playing with a Mega Drive or Genesis), but unfortunately he can’t jump as high as Sonic and the game can be challenging when playing as him.

The mini-bosses are simple and the only difference when playing as Sonic or Knuckles is that Sonic battles Dr Robotnik and Knuckles battles a robot version of Dr Robotnik and seeing some of the layouts of the bosses, is again more difficult.

There are some great levels here, even more fresh in design, there are puzzle like areas in some levels, but can be annoying when you try to solve it and could take around 4 minutes to figure out what you’re trying to do which can stop the game to a half sometimes (Sandopolis, I don’t need to say anything else).

The bosses are great but not too memerable as Sonic 3 or the previous games. However the music is memorable and some of my favourite musicin the Sonic series are from this game.

Even if you don’t have Sonic 3 you can still play it (You will need Sonic 3 if you want the complete experience), this is also an impressive game, the level design is just as impressive as Sonic 3, the music in this game are some of my favourites in the franchise.

Rating: 4/5


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