Sonic CD (Old Review)

The Mega-CD (or Sega CD to the USA), an add-on to the Sega Mega Drive, that unsurprisingly failed to revolutionise gaming at it’s fullest, games like Night Trap (play the game before you accuse it of making you kill women for fun, which isn’t true, Senator Douchebag), Make My Video: INXS, Power Factory: C&C Music Factory Make My Video, Sewer Shark, remember those…no? Well you were nearly everyone who didn’t buy it.

You can tell by these kind of games that this add-on didn’t do well in the US, but did well here in the UK funny enough, but it wasn’t enough for the Mega-CD to have any kind of longevity, nor it’s 32X. But of all the games that no one remembered for the add-on, there was one that everyone knew because of what it was and who you’re playing as, it’s Sonic CD for the Mega CD, developed by Sonic Team and published by you know who!

Sonic arrives at another planet called…err Little Planet, which arrives every so many years, but when Sonic finds out it’s been chained, Dr Robotnik has taken it to make a base out of it, so I guess Sonic has to save it, the story is a bit lacking compared to the previous games, which is strange considering Sonic games at the time had minimal stories but I think this is due to the fact that this was very forgettable in terms of story. In fact this was meant to be part of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, but Sega just said ‘screw it, let’s make a Sega CD game out of it’, was it really worth it Sega?

If you played Sonic 1 & 2, you’d know the controls and what he does already, directional pad to move left and right and the trigger buttons to jump. You go around levels as usual, defeating enemies that drop seeds that instantly grow into flowers instead of animals. The spin dash here is terrible, you have to hold the button for a couple of seconds and then it will activate, but let go too early and it will stop, thank goodness this wasn’t used in later games. However, there was a slightly better alternative, if you hold up you will charge up Sonic’s legs to do a figure 8 speed dash, and for some reason this was never incorporated into future games as it kind of makes sense.

But here’s the twist, you will pass through signs saying either Past, Present or Future, gather enough speed and you’ll travel to a different time period, it’s still the same stage you’re currently in but changed either for the better or for worse, past, takes you back in time, present is the present and future is forward into the past, back to the future, black to the future, days of future’s past, it’s just the future, depending on how you progress though the game will either be good or bad for your levels and you’ll either get a good ending or a bad ending.

Solution: find capsules with animals, let them go and you’re future should be good, which is challenging so an easy way of doing this is to go to the special stages, these are pretty much 3D special stages like Sonic 3, but this time on a flat surface, very impressive, the goal of the special stages is to destroy flying saucers whilst seeing trippy backgrounds, after doing that you’ll get a time capsule (no chaos emeralds) collecting all of them will automatically give you a good future, the problem is trying to control Sonic which you try to get used to but it’s very difficult to do so, according to many gamers, the newly released versions of the game actually fixed the issues and other problems with the game.

Oh, I forgot to mention Metal Sonic, created by Dr. Robotnik, not only is he supposed to be fast like Sonic, but is supposed to be more powerful and more faster in terms of speed than Sonic, but he has become one of the popular characters in the franchise. The newest feature in this package is Time Attack which you can play the levels again after beating the game, make a world record for fastest time beating a level or game, or just play for fun.

The graphics are very impressive…but maybe too impressive, I mean they’re great but it can be an eye sore at times, especially when you’re going fast and the fact that they’re far too colourful for it’s own good.

The bosses are not my favourite but I really hate the pinball boss, trying to get to robotnik, whilst playing pinball with Sonic (Uhh!) but let’s hope this idea doesn’t turn into an actual game…darnit! Sonic Spinball! But on the bright side, the boss music is great…if a bit creepy, you know what I’m talking about.

This was graphically impressive for a Sonic game, the music is JAZZING, it has a fairly good difficulty…but this is far too short, for a game in disc form I expected more levels and just more to do, even Sonic the Hedgehog 2 had more levels, yeah Time Attacks are interesting, after you do all the levels it gets repetitive, you complete this game in about an afternoon it’s that short.

What I really liked were the FMV scenes (Full-Motion Video to you and me), I know it’s anime and I love anime and I assume you do too? The main song ‘Sonic Boom’ is sooooooooooo cheesy, so 90’s, so memorable, so annoying, but at least it’s not as terrible as ‘They Call Me Sonic’ (REALLY, A CLUBHOUSE SONG???).

It’s a very impressive adventure…until it’s over in about a few hours. If I can get the new version for the PlayStation 3, I’ll do a short review of it to see if it’s better.

You can get it on Sega CD (Mega-CD), PC, Playstation 2, Playstation Network, XBOX Live Arcade, Gamecube, iOS and Android.

Rating: 3.5/5



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