Rayman (Old Review)

So Rayman Legends is here and to celebrate I decided to review the original that started it all, before he went 3D, then to obscure games, then went into a coma and was replaced with annoying Rabbids, but Ubisoft came to their senses and woke him up to be in Rayman Origins which is a brilliant game and is getting more popular every day.

We start off with a stoner magician telling you, the gamer, the plot, Rayman’s unnamed world, it’s peaceful because it has to be peaceful to start off a children’s game and it’s all thanks to The Great Protoon, but this doesn’t last because this is a generic way to start a story. The evil and non-threatening Mr Dark stole The Great Protoon and┬ádefeats Betilla the Fairy. The electoons that gravitated The Great Protoon run away. So some enemies arrive and do some Electoon robbing. Betilla the Fairy’s screwed without her powers so assigns no arm nor legs Rayman and fix everything because he has no arms nor legs I guess.

The whole basis of the game is to free the imprisoned Electoons, collecting 6 each level. When you start the game you walk, jump, holding vines and crawl, but as you progress through the levels, Rayman gets new powers like the infamous punch, platform hanger (cliffhanger anyone?), grabbing fist, and using your hair as propellers as given by Betilla because she doesn’t want to do the hard work.

In fact when you get new powers from different levels you pretty much have to backtrack through previous levels to collect Electoons you couldn’t before which is cool because you can explore more places in the levels. The graphics are spot on, this is possibly the most colourful game I’ve ever played, everything looks appealing, a cartoony design that’s so memorable, I played it as a child and playing it years later it’s given me lots of nostalgia. The music is memorable to, it can be cheerful, spooky, things that you describe music I guess.

Overall, it’s a fantastic platforming game, it’s got a great challenge, I’m a teen and even I find it difficult. It’s vibrant colours and fun gameplay should entertain the children of today. I know it’s a short review but there’s not a lot to really talk about, you have to see it to believe it.

You can get it on the PlayStation, Atari Jaguar, Sega Saturn, MS-DOS, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and DSiWare.

Rating: 4.5/5



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