Donkey Kong Jr.

Mario, what a hero, he has stopped Bowser and saved Princess Peach numerous amount of times, saved the Mushroom Kingdom from other sorts of evil…and Bowser, Mario is the legendary hero of video gaming…however, although he is a beloved character by all, there is a dark side to Mario that he’s been hiding for years, and it all started with this.

So from what I’ve heard from a Mario timeline and from my imagination, Mario gets fired for some reason, Pauline, for her own safety dumps him and Mario then suffers from a heap of depression, gets drunk, gets into fights, all that stuff.

One night, Mario turns insane and wants revenge on Donkey Kong for ruining his life and decides to slaughter him, so Mario hires a boat, and heads to Africa where Donkey Kong is playing with Donkey Kong Jr, suddenly Mario catches DK with a net, but Jr runs away, but Mario wants his son too, but Jr isn’t running without a fight. Ok, most of it was from my imagination. But you get the idea, Mario kidnaps DK and Jr has to rescue him. Yep, Mario’s the villian in this game.

The game play is similar to the original Donkey Kong game, you play as Donkey Kong Jr, who has to get to the top of the stages to collect keys. He can move left and right and jump. He can climb up vines, chains or ropes, the physics for climbing are very impressive, if you climb up with one vine, you climb slowly, climb up with two, you climb up fast, climbing down is reversed, climb down with one vine, you climb down fast, climb down with two vines, you climb slowly, you got that, I know I’m making it confusing but talking about the controls doesn’t look good on paper so I suggest you try it out for yourself. Enemies can climb up or down the vines like Snapjaws, bear traps with eyes, Nitpickers (you’ve got to be kidding me), who fly around the second stage and somehow have terrible diahorrea and Sparks who are a tricky so and so.

There are four stages (yes, even on the NES port), the first three stages are just getting on top of the stage to collect a key, the fourth stage is to climb up to those keys to the locks to rescue Donkey Kong, when that stage is completed, like the first game, your back at Stage 1 all over again with a higher difficulty. Overall, this is a very fun game, it still has that casually addictive playability, the levels are fresh and the level design is colourful for what the designers could do at the time. This is a game that has aged pretty well, not as much as the original though, but it’s a game that even the new generation gamers and casual gamers could pick up and play easily.

I know I know, no money for Arcade, then you can get it on the NES/Famicom, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari XE Game System, Colecovision, Coleco Adam, Intellivision and BBC Micro.



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