Donkey Kong 3

Yeah, they made a third game. Here’s a story, I went to Bovingdon Market (kind of a black market), someone was selling Game Boy Advance games, there was one he was selling that had 108 games in one cartridge, with all the Game Boy Advance covers on the box, I payed £7 for it, went home and played it, turns out there were only 49 games and the list repeated until it got to 108. Yeah I might have been cheated out of 59 games, but the 49 games I got was totally worth it, instead of getting those Game Boy Advance games that were shown on the box, there were games from the NES, Famicom and unlicensed Chinese games, and they were cool, for the Donkey Kong reviews, I had all the Donkey Kong games in it, but then I thought, “There was a Donkey Kong 3?”

For some reason, Donkey Kong has taken refuge in Stanley the Bugman’s greenhouse, so Stanley has to stop Donkey Kong from getting more insects from destroying his flowers, yeah, that’s it for the story. Instead of playing as Mario, you play as Stanley (スタンリーSutanrii in Japanese) (again, there was a Donkey Kong 3) and the game play has completely changed, there are three platforms to climb up, you climb up them to spray bug spray up Donkey Kong’s backside (uh…yeah, you do that), while defending five flowers from the coming bugs to ruin your day. Donkey Kong unleashes many insects to steal and destroy your flowers like Buzzbees, beespies, queen bees (which shatter into deadly pieces when destroyed), creepy caterpillars, butterflies, beetles, moths, beebombs and vine eaters, I think half of these insects don’t even exist in real life.


As for Donkey Kong, he’s hanging on two vines, climbing down slowly if left unattended until he butt slams you to death, to complete stages there are two ways, spray Donkey Kong upwards until he gets to the top or kill all the bugs and Donkey Kong will leave in retreat. While spraying Donkey Kong, he will climb high enough to knock off a super spray can from the vine, this spray can will make Donkey Kong climb up at a faster rate, some powerful stuff, however it doesn’t last very long and it’ll return back to normal after that and you won’t get it again until you lose a life.

Overall, it’s kind of average, repetitive but average. The game play adds no variety unlike it’s previous titles, there’s little to no music that I’d call memerable, except for the completion jingle. Unlike the two games, this hasn’t aged well, the graphics and look and feel of the game is nice looking but it’s very forgettable. So with an overly repetitive game play, subpar graphics and a character that got buried in a cemetary faster than you can say “no wonder nobody remembered this game!”

You can get it for the Arcade, NES, PC-88, FM-7, e-Reader and Virtual Console.

Rating: 3/5


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