Bioshock 2 (Old Review)

So the first Bioshock was an absolute classic in storytelling and fun gameplay, I just didn’t like the morality mechanic. But of course when a game is popular and does well and made a fanbase for itself, there’s a good chance of a sequel heading to the gaming shelves, warehouses or cloud networks, however you choose to buy it you should have a great time with it, this is Bioshock 2.

So you’re a big daddy with your little sister, but come across a mysterious woman who wants to take your little sister away from you, and she brainwashes you into shooting yourself…well what a way to start this game. But you eventually wake up anyway to find your little sister and find Dr Lamb, that tart that started this mess.

Now that you’re a big daddy by the name of Johnny Topside, as always you’re going to experience a few changes, instead of a wrench, you get a drill, but you will need to collect fuel so be careful how you use it, but you can use it as a melée weapon like the wrench.

You get the rivet gun that replaces the pistol, a spear gun that replaces the chemical launcher and a hacking gun to hack stuff with and no Crossbow. Other than that you still get the other weapons from the first game like the shotgun, the machine gun and the grenade launcher.

Of course you get the plasmids again, you get the same plasmids as the first game, you can collect upgrades for them but there’s not a lot of new ones that are either useful or ones that you’ll probably not use at all.

The hacking has improved immensely, instead of a pipe mania rip off, you get a metre like mini game where a line moves left and right, you have to tap when it hits green or blue, it’s easier to do and highly likely you can hack everything in the game.

The splicers are back with only ONE new splicer, the brute splicer, who will throw stuff at you and I swear he has the same melèe attacks as a big daddy. You have your camera again but now you can only film the actions of a splicer instead of a picture, this method is so flawed because you have to film the actions of the splicers but you’re vulnerable to attacks. You can now go underwater to go to the next area, but there short and not that interesting after a while, just there to collect ADAM too.

Since your a big daddy you can collect little sisters for your own after killing their big daddies, they will find dead splicers and collect ADAM for you but splicers will attack you, after collecting, you can either rescue them or harvest them, after my mistake from the first game, every little sister I took, I rescued them all to get the good ending, which was actually disappointing. I went online to see the other endings, there are 6 different endings instead of 2, there’s one called the alternative good ending, which was a really sad ending and made my eyes water, it’s so emotional, but one part of every ending is the same, I’m not going to spoil it for you, but it’s disappointing.

Not only are there big daddies there are now big sisters and they’re just as deadly and more difficult to beat without dying. The bosses haven’t improved, in fact I believe there are less, there was one time that I thought there was going to be a boss, but it wasn’t.

Overall, it’s another excellent game, the story is great even if the ending wasn’t to my expectations. But I feel that nothing has really changed other than a few improvements, it’s just another story in the same city of Rapture, the setting is the same, and the music, and most of the splicers, the same tone and setting.

I just wished they spiced it up so I can feel the same immersion as the first one, I know Bioshock Infinite completely changes the setting, I don’t have the game as of yet, and from what I have heard about the game I should be careful in what I say, not because of the gameplay, but because of the ‘sensitive’ content.

At least the weapons still pack the same punch, and the plasmids, well only the ones that burns, freezes and fry, the rest aren’t really interesting and you’re not really going to use them if you’re going to mow everyone relentlessly, Nevertheless, it’s still an original experience.

But it shouldn’t stop you from having a great time with it, I’d recommended to anyone…well anyone who beat the first game that is.

You can get it on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac and OnLive.


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