Sonic The Hedgehog (Old Review)


Mario, the ultimate mascot of Nintendo and still making games with Mario’s face on it not stopping for anything, yes Nintendo aren’t going to give up on Mario for a long time.

Then there is Sonic, the ultimate mascot for Sega and not making a lot of games with Sonic because they’re pretty much a flawed company, I’m not saying Nintendo is flawless because it’s not, I’m just saying Sega took too much risks over the years like spending too much money on an anticipated sequel called Shenmue 2 and their hardware part of the business died and opted to do software instead so their Sega games went to other consoles.

They made riskier stuff with Sonic with the rushed and most hated Sonic 06, we all know how that went (Yes, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 Battle were good games, I’m just saying Sega took stupid risks to be better than everyone, I mean it’s good to take risks but not when it affects your company or your mascot that makes you millions).

But Sega are being a bunch of twats nowadays when they refused to release the latest Yakuza game, despite having great success, refusing to make a sequel to Bayonetta to the point where Nintendo had to pick it up and release it as a Wii U exclusive.

Also releasing terrible sequels to classic Sega games like Altered Beast and Golden Axe and to top it all off, refusing to release sequels to classic games that need sequels, where’s Shenmue 3, where’s Nights 3 with no gimmicky Wii controls, where’s Jet Set Radio 3, a single player Phantasy Star game, a freaking Alex Kidd game, dig him up from the grave, he was your first mascot don’t abandon him (and no, putting him on a racing game doesn’t mean he’s revived, give him a new game and he’s truly revived).

So Sonic hasn’t had a proper game in years until Sonic Generations which was a step in the right direction and hopefully when this certain ‘Sonic Excursion’ comes out it does the job done.

But let’s take a trip down memory lane to 1991 (where memory cards didn’t exist yet), where Sonic was being hyped for the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis if you live in the USA) and the rest is history.

The Story

Simple enough, a morbidly obese man with skinny legs called Dr. Robotnik (shut up, Dr Eggman sounds stupid, his original name was the dog’s nobby’s nuts) kidnaps animals and turns them into robots so a blue hedgehog named Sonic has to rescue them across many levels.

My creepy pasta question is why do these animals look like animals but Sonic doesn’t look like a real hedgehog, in fact there are normal birds but there is an anthropomorphic bird who throws bombs, what’s going on with that planet’s evolution?

The Gameplay

You control Sonic with the directional pad, and A, B & C makes him jump, you can also spin by pressing down while he’s running and that’s it. The other memorable objective of the game which everyone will know is that you collect rings, if you get hit by enemies when you have rings you lose them, get hit by enemies when you don’t and you die. Collecting 100 rings and you get a life like every other platform game.

The levels consist of a forest (Green Hill Zone), an in and out lava cave experience (Marble Zone), a colourful place (Spring Yard Zone), a water level (Labyrinth Zone) (I’ll talk about that in a minute), a city construction type area (Starlight Zone), an industrial metal factory (Scrap Brain Zone) and the final boss (Final Zone, because they ran out of good names already?)

You can collect a number of power-ups like rings which give you 10, a shield to shield you, Sonic’s face which gives you a live, sparkles which makes Sonic invincible for a short period of time and shoes to make him faster. If you collect 50 rings you can go into a big ring at the end of the levels to go into the special stages, and they’re the most trippiest stages ever conceived, you’re in your ball form and you have to go around a maze while it rotates which you can turn around clockwise and anti-clockwise with an R ball while seeing squares in the background turning into a fish, then to a bird. Very weird and very Japanese.

It’s good, and a wonder to look at if you like seeing weird imagery, but it can be very frustrating when you end up flying into a wall that says exit and it ends the stage, unable to get the chaos emerald and have to get 50 more rings without losing them at the next level to try to get the next one. Collect 7 chaos emeralds and you’ll get a different ending.

Overall, even though Sega marketed this as a super fast game with almighty blast processing. Well it was…I mean the first level does that right, sometimes Spring Yard Zone and Starlight Zone but playing through most of the levels you realise that you don’t constantly run but time jumps and have to slow down to do something in order not to die. But the game is fun and by having an original mechanic of Sonic being fast; a real achivement from Sega. But I’m playing and reviewing the original Sega Mega Drive version and in some places the frame rate drops (AAAAAAHHHHHHH). Not good for a Sonic game.

My other annoyance with this game is the water level (Labyrinth Zone) this was the bane of my childhood, I could never complete Act 3 due to dying easily and having many traps and running out of breath and there wasn’t a bubble anywhere to breathe in, and the fact that being underwater makes you slow and it breaks the flow of the game altogether, it was only years later I was able to beat it so I’m not gonna complain any further. But anyway, the story is far too simple, but this isn’t a negative since it’s the first game, the controls are simple and you can pretty much pick up and play, but it’s not the fastest game ever made, but the sequels prove to use this gimmick and improve upon it (I’ll talk about them on a later date).

Overall, Sonic The Hedgehog is still a classic and despite all it’s flaws, it still holds up today and has aged as good as the Super Mario games, but admittedly Sonic The Hedgehog did what Ninten…couldn’t (until the Super Nintendo released graphical achievements in years to come like Mode 7 and Super FX, especially for Starfox.)

You can pretty much get this game on most consoles, ever since Sega became a software only company, it went to a heap of consoles like the PlayStation 2, 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, DS, PC, and even on the iPod and Android

Rating: 3/5



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