Sonic The Hedgehog 2

So a whole year later and Sega has released a sequel to Sonic The
Hedgehog and after listening to what could be improved they got right
ahead and improved it, as you should, but what have Sega improved,
well let’s see.

Dr Robotnik (still Robotnik) is kidnapping animals again, builds a big
space station named death egg (George Lucas, there’s copyright
infringement right in front of your eyes). Sonic and his new friend
Tails try to stop him again.

Same controls as before except you now get a spin dash. Yay. There are
more levels and they consist of two acts each instead of three
(Metropolis has three).

Bosses are more varied instead of Dr Robotnik sitting on his lazy ass
attaching something deadly at the bottom of his flying chair every act
3s in the first game and call it a day. Instead he puts more effort to
his machines, even though Sonic is still able to destroy them.

In addition to the one player mode there is now a two player mode
where you can race through 4 levels in a split screen race from a to
b, but unfortunately the frame rate drops every time you go too fast or
hit an enemy, I mean the single player game has no frame rate issues so
why did the two player mode had to suffer, it’s fun but it does get
repetitive just for the fact that there are only four levels to race
instead of all of them, which would be more varied.

Speaking of the special stages, if you collect 50 rings and stop at a
lamp post it now sparkles, jump on it and you’re sent to the special
stage. This isn’t so trippy anymore just amazing. It’s a pseudo-3D
stage where you have to collect enough rings to go to the next level
of the stage, do it two more times and you collect a chaos emerald.

It’s a massive improvement from the first game’s trippy special stages
as you have more of a chance at getting a chaos emerald than being
rotated around the place and ending up exiting before you could get
the chaos emerald, I assume people’s jaw dropped when they saw this
(and this is why so many people might have wanted a game like that).

Another big improvement is the water level, or Aquatic Zone, yes you
go underwater again but it’s not as frustrating or as long as the
first game, as a child I was able to complete act 1 and 2 of these
levels first time without any problems.

But this review cannot be complete without mentioning Miles ‘Tails’
Prower (a pun of Miles Per Hour), who is most of the time useless in
this game, he’ll either kill you or he’ll die himself from
incompetence and rarely helps you with anything.

This is a large improvement from the first one, it has more levels,
better bosses, better special stages, better and colourful graphics,
great music and is…no…feels faster than it’s predecessor, not much
maze like levels anymore where you have to stop to a halt to time a
jump all the time, this game just flows by and only sometimes becomes
a maze but it doesn’t annoy you this time around as it doesn’t break
the flow like the first game. It’s just as challenging as the first
one when you get to near the end of the game later. What else can I
say but Sega made a huge improvement which fans deem a classic.

You can get it on the Sega Mega Drive or Genesis, PlayStation 2 and 3,
GameCube, Wii, PSP, DS, iOS and Android.

Rating: 4/5


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